Monday, April 27, 2015

Late Birthday Post

This month had really thrown me.  I feel like I am so far behind in everything...that includes a birthday post for Grandson K.

Grandson K turned 2 on April 21, which would also have been my precious mothers birthday.  We celebrated Grandon K' s big day on Saturday, 25 April.

We love you so much!!!
<3 Paw Paw and Mammi

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winner of Flexi-Clip Give Away!

I have had trouble trying to get the True Random Generator, by RANDOM.ORG to load to my blog post.  (not surprised, I have been having some problems with my computer of and on)

Four people entered and the winner of the give away is #3, Emma Pepperdine!  CONGRATULATIONS! 

Please contact Lizzie Williams at for instructions on how to claim your Flexi!  Once again, congratulations!!!!!

Thank you for those who participated!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Day of Spring and First Spring Birthday

Seasons come and seasons go.  With the changing of seasons some of us grow a year older!  Son-in-love #1 turned 29 yesterday.  He is the joy of Daughter #1's life and the father of Grandson E.  He has been a joy to us and is willing to help out however needed.

Love, Daddy and Momma

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How About a Give Away?!?!? {WE ARE EXTENDING THIS GIVE AWAY!}


Since there was not a winner for this give away, I was asked to extend it for one more week, Saturday, March 21st to Friday, March 27th.  I will announce the winner on Saturday, March 28th.  The flexible' s are adorable.  They would make a wonderful gift for Easter, graduation and Mother's Day!

I was recently asked by an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant if I would do a review for the Flexi Hair Clip.  Of course I could not resist.  We have used a couple of flexi's in the past and thought it would be fun to share the product.  

I have seven daughters, six whom live at home.  The youngest three agreed to "model" the flexi.  I will apologize in advance for the pictures not being in order.  I don't know why my pictures keep jumping out of order.  I figure I must be doing something wrong, but every time I try to "fix" it I make it worse.

Daughter # 6 has fairly thick hair.

I wish I would have thought to take a close up of this one.  Her sides are pulled back and she is wearing a extra small flexi.

(D#6) This is a close up of the extra small flexi.  I have her hair braided and twisted with the clip "catching" her hair
 and holding it in place.  I have put her hair in a bun and used an extra large to hold her hair in place.

(D#6) Same braid, but using a medium flexi to go through the thickness of hair and holding it. 

(D#6) Using a small flexi as a ponytail holder.  This gave her the best hold in a pony.  Nice and snug,
 but not pulling her hair.
This is D#7 favorite style with the flexi.  I braided her hair and "folded" it up a couple of times to hold it in place.
I used a mini flexi to pull her sides back.  It is a nice hold.
Daughter's #7 hair is still fairly thin, but when it is put up is bulky.
Daughter #5's hair is thick.  When it comes to styling she has the perfect hair and can do almost anything.
(D#5) For this pony we used a small flexi.  It gave a nice snug hold.
(D#5) Pulling the sides back I used the extra small. 
(D#5) Pulling one side back I used the mini flexi.  It was a secure hold and looked really sweet.
(D#5) I did an "Elsa" braid in this picture.  The flex is an extra small that I use as a hair ornament.
 It is there just to look cute!

My hair is should now length.  I had about 3 inches cut off  a few days before I was asked to do this review.
It has thinned out over the last few years.  Lilla Rose Flexi is my go to for my hair.  I holds and looks really nice. 
I used an extra small flexi to put my hair in a ponytail.  It holds nicely and feels secure.
Here I pulled my hair back and twisted it as if I was going to put it in a French twist using an extra small flexi.  I did this about 8:00 in the morning.
This is my hair 10:30 that evening.  It was not restyled at all since it was put up in the morning.  We went to some friends home in the evening and I wore my heavy wool coat that has a collar. Although it shows some "wear" you can see it still gave a secure hold!  LOVE IT!!!!

(D#6) I use the medium flexi here, although it was a nice hold, she preferred the small flexi.

(D#7) In this picture I used an extra small to pull her hair into a pony.

(The styles I have shown are our favorite styles using the flexi clip.  See below for the website to watch a video about the flexi and some of the styles they show!)

Okay, for the give away::
This give away is offered by an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant, Lizzie Williams. The give away is for 1 Flexi Clip of $16 value or less that is in stock. (Flexi of the month excluded.)  It is open to readers who are not currently a Lilla Rose customer. 

All you need to do is::
Go to and watch the sizing video to find your size.  Pick out your favorite clip and leave a comment on my blog telling me what it is.  I will pick a winner on Friday, the 27th of March and post it on Saturday the 28th of March.

For a Buy 3 get 1 Free coupon, register as a customer at and purchase 3 items.  *Offer valid in the US only.  Offer is for one free item $16 or less available on the Lilla Rose website.  Offer good for new online customers only, one per household.  No cash value or exchanges.  Must be 16 years of age.  Registering on the Lilla Rose website with a valid personal email address is required to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks for reading my blog and taking time to enter the give away!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Late Birthday Post

We celebrate only two birthdays in March in our far.  I am a couple days late for this post.  My grace is Daughter #3 rarely, if ever reads my blog.  This time I am okay with that!

Our first March celebration was Satday, March 7, as we celebrated Daughter #3's 20th birthday.  Where is time marching on to?  It really seems like yesterday we were bringing her home as our youngest!  She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.  I am so very proud of her.


We now have a ten year old, a twenty year old, and a thirty year old....and almost every age in between!   As soon as I have a chance I will get birthday pictures posted!  It is such a busy household that I am trying to remember if I am coming or going!!!!!!