Friday, September 11, 2015

Early September Happenings

August faded away right into September with little change except turning the page of our calendar.  The temperature remained high 80's to low 90's and high humidity.  I know, not even close to some parts of our country.  But hot and humid is hot and humid no matter what.  I remember when we lived in the Verde Valley in Arizona 28 years ago, everyone said it was a much better climate because the air was so dry.  One hundred thirteen is hot with or without humidity!

Daughter #6 turned 14 on the eighth.  That's my little 2 pound babe!  She is such a sweet young lady.  She has a heart for helping and does NOT like the color pink!

May your 14th year be a year of many celebrations!
Daddy and I love you BIG!

(If I ever get a chance to get my computer running smoothly I will post pictures!)

Monday, August 24, 2015


It is 6:30 in the morning.  All six scholars are up, beginning their third week of school.  All six are doing school.  Three have been up for a little over an hour. Hubby and Daughter #2 have been up for at least thirty minutes preparing for work.  Daughter #6 realizes that the house is as quiet as it is when we all are sleeping.  She's right....weird.

On a different thought....since I am the keeper of the clock in the morning, getting everyone up at their appointed time....does that make me a "time lord"?  (i am guessing if you are a 'doctor who' fan you will get it) :)

It is going to be a great day!!!! *big smile* (okay, it is too early to be funny)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We have slipped into another month and I am afraid it is going to take wings and fly!  Yes, only four days into the month, but it will be Labor Day before we know it.

Well....this post is a milestone...number 400!  I know my blogging has been lacking.  The past twelve months have been rough, trying and faith stretching.  Today Hubby started a new job.  He has been unemployed since mid-August 2014.  He taught an English class and did a bit of substitute teaching the second semester of the 2014/15 school year at the Christian academy that is a ministry of our church.  His new job...teaching at the Christian academy again!  He is not full-time, but is there for all but one class and homeroom!  It has been an answer to prayer.

I want to share some cards that I  have been working on.  I have heard that I never take pictures of what I create!  That's not totally true, I do take pictures...most of the time.  Okay, some of the time, but I am lousy at posting them!  My computer runs slow and it can be a pain to upload them.  (So, Kathy, these pictures are for you!!!)

The cards were for various celebrations or visiting speakers at our church.  The Spider Man and Captain America were for two grandsons, the "Time to celebrate" was for Daughter #5's 15thbirthday. The card  with the "washi tape" cake was for my father's 86th birthday.  The snow men ornaments and ornament I did with my friend one afternoon last week.  The "hello" with the home I made along with another dear friend and sent it to a new family who recently joined our fellowship!  I know I have some more cards on my camera.  I need to get them onto the computer!  That will give me another excuse to post!!!!  :) I might even try to post some birthday pictures of the nesters!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Happenngs

What a month!  This July has flown by so quick.  It is hard to believe it is almost gone.
While we did not get to vacation as a family, we kept busy.  

The first full week our teens enjoyed six days at camp CoBeAc in Michigan.  Our youngest enjoyed five very full days at Camp Assurance in Illinois the second full week.  Last week two of our young adults enjoyed three days at Eljiah' s Harbor in Tennessee with the single adults from our church, while our oldest nester in the house enjoyed a full day canoeing and relaxing in the water in southern Indiana.  However, the swimmers ear afterwards was less than fun.

Yesterday Hubby and four of our adult/young adult sons went to see the Manchester United soccer team play in Chicago.  They got home about 4 o'clock this morning.  Of course that means yours truly did not sleep well.  I was up about five times from 11:00 last night until 3:50 this morning.  I finally decided to stay up and get my day going.  And a very long day it will be!

I still have two birthdays to blog about and some card creation pictures to upload and post.  But for now, I need to kiss Daughter #2 and watch her off to work!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of June

Today ends June.  It has been a quick month.  It has had ups and downs.  But through it all we have been blessed.

Grandson B turned 5 on the 25th.  We celebrated on the 27th and had a wonderful time!