Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life on the Homestead

Life is keeping us busy.  We have had grans over, a couple family dinners, running teens to friends homes or a church activity. We are helping out a family friend who fell and broke a wrist. Now summer is in full swing and warm and humid!  The air conditioner has been doing its best to keep the home comfortable.

Next week our school age kiddos will be leaving for church camp.   That leaves us with the three adult children who still live at home.  This will be a first for us!

This week we have welcomed two, new to us, vehicles and next week two new licensed drivers....

Well.....I have been trying to get some pictures to upload but am not succeeding! Eeerrrrrr!  I will try again later, when I am not so frustrated!  I will try to keep calm and carry on! ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just a quick post to show a card I created.  I have not had much inspiration floating out of my head lately.  Actually, creating ANYTHING had been a major challenge.

I made this card for a friend I have not seen at church recently.  It combines retired and current SU products.  It felt good to put the old gray matter to some creative use!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hello Again!

I tell you, life is so busy!  We have had revival at church for the last six evenings and the church 60th anniversary.  School is finally down to the last 7 days of instruction and 3 test days!!  I don't know if I should jump for joy, let out a big sigh, or cry.  Cry????  Yes, cry.  I like things to stay the same.  I am the one who cries as an old year passes and a new one comes in.  Cry when someone in the family has a birthday.  Oh well.....

Yay!!!!  Pictures to share of cards!!!!!!!  I had these on my phone.  I am not a "techy" person.  So getting these here has been a major accomplishment!

This one is using a retired set from SU!   I love this set!  Daughter-in-love #2 asked if I would make her a card for  her a card for a baby shower.

This card was created using the new Numbers of Years and Large Numbers Framelits Dies from SU.  As soon as I saw this set in the catalog I knew I had to have it! The front of this is a CASE from Pinterest.   I created this card for a friend who will not recognize her age! :)  Mean, I know!  She has been 29 for.........

....TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!  I really thought I should have bought her some silver instead of making a card.  I love the Timeless Textures set from SU.  I tried so hard to ignore it, but once I used it in Club I knew it would become a favorite....along with all my other favorites! :)

My Brother-in-love had a minor knee surgery.  So I grabbed my Gorgeous  Grunge set and this cute set from SAB.  This chick was also cute on Easter bags for the family!!

My pastor's wife had a hip replacement.  This was one of the cards I sent to her during her recuperation time. (Patty Bennett has a card similar to this on her blog.)   I sat on the fence with this set.  This was made using the Cups & Kettle Framlits from SU.  The stamp set that goes with this has become one of my "loves".

Ahhh......Son #2 just turned 30 this month.  I saw this idea on Pinterest.  Thought it was a great guy card!

Granddaughter A just turned eight!  I love the retired lined note book paper stamp.  I do not use it as often as I should.  The cupcakes make me hungry!!! 
Daughter #7 bought a Beta Fish.  His name is Prickly, because when his fins are fanned out the look like sharp barbs.  We tease her and tell her Tarter Sauce would be a good name!!!!!
Today we will celebrate Grandson K's birthday.  He is three!!!!  I borrowed this set, but think I will have to buy it!  The black dinosaur was stamped on Shrinky Dink.  Remember that!  Fun stuff!!!!!!  Any, I need to add a sentiment!
 (all the cards above were made this month!)
Thanks for being patient with my blog!  I will try to do better and get caught up with pictures! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hello Again!

Well, I am back after not blogging for a long time!  I have had computer issues.  Not sure what was/is going on with our computers.  We are doing great if we get through school with no problems.  But every time I would try to blog and load pictures the computer would freeze.  However, I have a new-to-me laptop. *thank you friend!*  I am learning my way around a new keyboard and trying to keep my wrist off the mouse pad.  I keep changing the size of my screen!!!  Oh well, it will all be good more I use it.  (not even sure that is proper grammar!)

We are on spring break.  One week is too short, two weeks would be too much.  But who wants to start school in the middle of the week?  Not me.

I will try to do better at posting.  I have pictures to share, stories to share, etc.  Life is good.  Never the same, but always good.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Early September Happenings

August faded away right into September with little change except turning the page of our calendar.  The temperature remained high 80's to low 90's and high humidity.  I know, not even close to some parts of our country.  But hot and humid is hot and humid no matter what.  I remember when we lived in the Verde Valley in Arizona 28 years ago, everyone said it was a much better climate because the air was so dry.  One hundred thirteen is hot with or without humidity!

Daughter #6 turned 14 on the eighth.  That's my little 2 pound babe!  She is such a sweet young lady.  She has a heart for helping and does NOT like the color pink!

May your 14th year be a year of many celebrations!
Daddy and I love you BIG!

(If I ever get a chance to get my computer running smoothly I will post pictures!)