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It is 6:30 in the morning.  All six scholars are up, beginning their third week of school.  All six are doing school.  Three have been up for a little over an hour. Hubby and Daughter #2 have been up for at least thirty minutes preparing for work.  Daughter #6 realizes that the house is as quiet as it is when we all are sleeping.  She's right....weird.

On a different thought....since I am the keeper of the clock in the morning, getting everyone up at their appointed time....does that make me a "time lord"?  (i am guessing if you are a 'doctor who' fan you will get it) :)

It is going to be a great day!!!! *big smile* (okay, it is too early to be funny)


We have slipped into another month and I am afraid it is going to take wings and fly!  Yes, only four days into the month, but it will be Labor Day before we know it.

Well....this post is a milestone...number 400!  I know my blogging has been lacking.  The past twelve months have been rough, trying and faith stretching.  Today Hubby started a new job.  He has been unemployed since mid-August 2014.  He taught an English class and did a bit of substitute teaching the second semester of the 2014/15 school year at the Christian academy that is a ministry of our church.  His new job...teaching at the Christian academy again!  He is not full-time, but is there for all but one class and homeroom!  It has been an answer to prayer.

I want to share some cards that I  have been working on.  I have heard that I never take pictures of what I create!  That's not totally true, I do take pictures...most of the time.  Okay, some of the time, but I am lousy at posting them!  My computer runs slow and…