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"Yes, They are All Mine...

...and  believe me, sometimes it's no picnic!" 

I have a picture to share!!!!!  Grandson's first birthday was 15 January, but we celebrated it 26 January.  Below is a picture of my wonderful family!!!  My father, sister, and brother-in-law are also in the picture. {i have no idea how to do fun little drawings and arrows on the picture to point them out! so, you will have to "find" them, kind of like "Where's Waldo", but in this case it's "Where's Papa King, Aunt Amy and Uncle Bill".}

We had so much fun!  This is the first time we have been to Daughter #1's home since she moved in a month ago.  Love the old homes, but not the "spooky" basement! *smile* 

I decided to start "naming" our grands with their inital.  So this was Grandson E's big day to shine!

"Most of the Family" Picture

I am finally able to post a picture that I tried posting several post ago.  It is from Thanksgiving day.  In this picture, besides hubby and myself, we missing two sons, two daughter-in-loves, and five grandchildren!  My daddy is among all the handsome men in the back row!  

January has been a very busy month.  Not only are we back into school full swing and over the flu bug, but our lives have been full of the grands!  There is probably only a couple days a week that we are "grandless".  Tonight, we have our four month old grandson for a bit.  Our two year old grandson ran into the corner of the wall at home and is in the emergency room for stitches.

This picture was taken last week.  I am holding Granddaughter while Daughter #2 is taking the picture with her phone.  (Not sure why the picture is grainy and yellow.) Trust your January has been full of blessings!

First Birthday of 2013

I still find it hard to believe it is a new year.  With a new year it means a new round of birthdays in our family. 

Today Daughter  #1 and Son-in-love's little man turns one!  We will actually celebrate his birthday next weekend. :)  It has been so fun to have this cuddley little guy come over and visit! 

Happy Birthday Grandson! PawPaw and Mammi love you so much! XOXO

Not Cold and the Flu Bug

Yesterday I went to get a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Mmm...not so good when you take a bite and find your milk is not cold for being in the back of the icebox.  So I opened the freezer and sure enough behind "things" there was some ice build up.  Remove the ice and presto your icebox starts cooling again, right?  No!  So I got out my handy, dandy heat tool for embossing cards and used it to melt a new layer of ice.  I tried through out the day to convince myself that things were starting to cool off, but the convincing did not help the situation.  I took out the perishables that could be frozen and placed them in the freezer.  By the time I went to bed I was praying that the door being shut for a long period of time would help in the cooling process.

This morning it was evident that everything in the icebox needed to be tossed.  (Not so good when you just went grocery shopping a several days earlier.)  We called a repair service and by 3:00 this afternoon the icebox was w…

Welcome 2013!

Our New Year started off saying goodnight to two of our married children and their families as they headed west and north west to their own homes, and  putting rest of the nesters to bed.  We had a great night eating chili and playing games.  (Yes, we even played "Spot It", but did not break a table this time!)  One son and family was not able to come because of work, and another son came over for a bit but left early.  Daughter-in-love was not feeling well so she stayed home.

It is always sad to see a year end.  I think back at what was and was not accomplished.  But I look forward to the year ahead and what it may bring. 

I have heard of several friends that have taken a word or theme for the year.  While thinking and praying about it, I felt like the word "kindness" was one we needed to work on together as a family.  Sometimes we can get so self-centered that we forget about others around us.  So as a family we will work on "kindness".  

As I thought on…