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Grandchildren are great!  Love them to pieces!  I was going through some photos and could not resist sharing.

At a recent family gathering Son #2 wanted to play Monopoly.  He has ALWAYS loved to play Monopoly.  As a child, he ALWAYS won.  He was ALWAYS the banker.  His siblings ALWAYS said he cheated.  I don't know about that....but....these poor lil' souls were just waiting for their turn to play!!!!  They were so patient!

This is a picture from Grand-night back in July.  We are getting ready to celebrate Daughter #5 birthday.  As always they were waiting patiently!!!

Their patience paid off with cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunts, uncles, niece and nephews all settle down to watch a wildlife documentary before going to bed.

We are planning for another Grand-night-over-night soon.  Of course, each set comes and goes at different times, sometimes spending the night and sometimes just for the evening!!!!!

Card Ministry

I have a card ministry that I started about 12 years ago.  At that time I had a lot of littles and big kiddos at home and home educating.  With one vehicle it was hard to help out in the nursing home/home bound visitation.  But...I could share what I  I started out with maybe 12 people and the list was added to because there were some older generation members who came to church, but just needed a bit of cheering up.  My list has grown over the years, I have lost some...ok...many....because they moved on to Glory, but my ministry stays busy with about 55-60 cards a month.  Depending on what is going on at church the count can grow from there with special speakers, etc.

I have a card to share today.  The idea was from Patty Bennett's blog,  She made a card using a new set from Stampin' Up! called Painted Harvest.  I do not have that set, but I have the retired set from SU called Serene Sunflower.  Instead of using ribbon, I used a small piece of C…

September Happenings

September is in full swing!  September 8, 2017, was Daughter #6, child #12, 16th birthday!!!!!!  She looks pretty amazing for being a 2# 9oz. preemie!!!

D#6 is the one on the end in the front row with the long hair.
(right side of picture, left side of picture?? I ALWAYS confuse those two when looking at something!!!!)

Daughter #7, child #14, the one on the opposite end in front row, broke her arm the middle of August at a youth activity.  She had just completed three days of school and was one week from her first volleyball game!  So she is missing out on volleyball, although her coach made her the manager.  

Daughter #2, child #6, came home for a visit the middle of the month!  She lives down south.  We were able to spend her 25th birthday with her!  We had ALL of the family at our home for dinner!  We number 32!!!!!  My sister joined us as she is the kids second Mom, so she brings the count to thirty-three!

This is a picture of our 10 grands, plus Mammi and Pawpaw!  Grand #11 is due lat…