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{Big Sigh!}

It's that time of year camp.  Our three oldest teens went to camp the middle of July, and tomorrow is Jr. Camp.  We have four campers going and two teens going as grounds keeper and counselor.  That means six nesters gone, three at home. 

Thursday on of the teens started to not feel well, so we were on 'pins and needles' waiting out to see if she would get better.  She did...but one of our campers, Daughter #5, started running a fever yesterday morning.  She has not had a fever since this morning, but I am still not totally sure she will be able to go until tomorrow.  The three girls going as campers, Daughter #4, #5, #6, were going to spend the night at pastor's home with their daughter tonight and meet Hubby at church tomorrow with luggage and rest of the siblings that are going to camp.  Poor D #5, she was disappointed that she had to miss the sleep over.  But I want to make sure she is healthy enough for camp. {nothing worse than being sick and away f…

How Do You Know...

When you have attended one too many Stampin' Up! workshops... When you have crafted one too many cards using SU! products... When you have looked through your SU! catalog one too many times...
When your 12 year old daughter, (Daughter #4), can look through a card making book and pick out the SU! product by sight before 6:45 in the morning!!!

The Birthday Girl!!!

Believe it or not I have pictures!!!!!  Okay, the cupcake in the middle is my little cutie--Daughter #5!  You thought I was talking about the cupcake, eh?

Cupcakes have never been my favorite to bake, or any confections for that matter.  I much rather make a huge Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings that make a pan of brownies from a box.  I just don't like making sweets...weird, huh?  Anyway, back to the cupcakes, I always thought the liners were boring!  You know, plain pastel colors, yuk!  BUT I was so excited when I saw that Kroger's carried designer liners!!!!!  So I started making cupcakes for my nesters!  {i know, other places carry designer liners, but i never look any place else except Kroger's!}

Now, the cupcake cake...I saw the pan at Michael's and just had to have it. Okay, that's not totally true, I thought it was adorable and wanted it. A friend gave me a 50% off coupon and I bought it last week.  Perfect for birthdays along with extra cupcakes in…

Lookie Here!!!

Look what we made!!!  These are the 5 designs of 90+ invitations that we, Daughter-in-law #3 and a couple of friends, made for Daughter-in-law #2's baby shower!!!!  Each card was hand traced, with designer paper over laid and cut with an exacto knife.  The ric-rac trim was cut and glued with tacky glue.  We punched a flower, using the SU! Boho Blossom punch, attatched it with a brad.  I stamped one of the frames from SU! Four Frames set and punched with coordinating punch.  Granddaughter #1's name written on tag and attatched.  WHEW!!!    We started about 10 AM and finished, including the inside info about 8:45 PM.  {We did stop long enough for lunch and supper!!!!!}

It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun!  We even had Son #3 gluing the ric-rac!  I must say he did really well!

What is Rich?

How many times have we, speaking in general, complained that "we have nothing".  We say, "We're so poor!"  "I wish I had (fill in the blank) ."  Children want the latest gaming system, teens want a better i-pod/cell phone, young adults want 'nice' now, forgetting their parents had to actually WORK for the nice things, and adults want a better vehiclel, home, vacation, and the list goes on.

Last evening a friend brought a couple girls from their church over to our home.  They are about 8 and 11 years old.  They had been doing some cleaning for her to earn money for church camp.  Since she was going to feed them supper, she decided to get some pizza and bring enough for our little family also.  This would give the girls a chance to meet some new friends and not have to eat with "old" people. :-)  They were very surprised to see we had two bathrooms.  They only have one, and I think 7 total in their family.  My friend explained that we o…

You Tell Me...

Daughter #1's baby belly... ...she is 14 weeks 3 days, as of today's date, 21 July 2011. 
Maybe more than one?

Finally...A Card Picture

Okay, I have a couple of very dear friends that get on me ALL the time because I make a card or "BUNCHES" {is that really a word?} of cards and never post them.  So, being the good girl and friend that I am, here is one I created tonight!!!!

This started out with a pattern for a "onesie" baby shower invitation for our daughter-in-law's baby shower.  In my mind the image popped up for a dress!  So I had to 'create' before I forgot!  The colors are not good in this photo~~~I am not a photographer!  I also do not have a camera, so I had to borrow Daughter #3's camera.  I can't figure the silly think out, but I did the best I could.  The base is a retired blush color from Stampin' Up!  The designer paper is from K & Company (sorry SU!), and the ribbon is Crumb Cake seam binding from SU!
The dress has a long way to go, this is just a sample.  I scalloped the bottom and cut a scallop circle (both SU punches), and cut to fit the neck. {yes, I pro…

Busy Week!

Last week was a very busy week with our Vacation Bible School!  Five days of running hubby to and from work which meant  five more days of gas we usually do not use!  I worked in the kitchen this year for the first time instead of teaching.  Some thought my "talent" of teaching was wasted, and the kitchen was a "no brainer".  But the kitchen is a very busy place when trying to feed 150 plus people every evening.  Anyway, I had fun.  My feet, more so my right foot, hurt and it was hard to walk, but God gave grace to my back and it did not hurt once!!!  That was a real blessing!

Sunday was all day at church.  Not only was it the closing program for our VBS, but we also celebrated our pastor's 20th anniversary at the church.  We had a HUGE pitch-in dinner on grounds and a special program.  My hubby and I helped in the kitchen ALL day.  There were a total of seven adults that made sure the food did not run out and kept everything in order.  Very busy and very tiring…