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It has been a busy two weeks with Daughter #1 home with her family!  Tomorrow morning they will be heading back to Fort Bragg.  It will be sad, we have become very attatched to Grandson #3!  (i will post more about our time together later)

But for now I will leave you with a picture of our 14 children and Hubby and myself!

Back row::  Son #5, Me, Son #4, Son #1, Son #2, Son #3, Hubby
Middle row::  Daughter #2, Daughter #1, Son #6, Daughter #4, Daughter #3
Front row::  Daughter #7, Daughter #6, Son #7, Daugher #5

OH MY!!!!!

We are into the 4th day of Bible school, and Daughter #1 and Grandson are home for a bit of a visit!!!!  So...I did not post something special yesterday and almost was ready to leave for VBS and realized that something else was almost missed!!!!!!

Yesterday, Son #2 and his lovely bride, celebrated their third anniversary!!!!  Happy third
Anniversary, you two! 

Today, Daughter-in-law #3 is celebrating her twenty-something birthday!  Happy Brithday Daughter!!!

There, I feel better and I still have ten minutes before I need to leave of the church!

Father's Day

Today has been a very busy day with the family coming over to wish their daddy a Happy Father's Day. 

I want to take a few minutes to wish the men in my life a blessed day.  First of all my daddy.  He has been a wonderful daddy.  He has always been supportive of his children in every way.  I love you Daddy!

Second, to my hubby.  He has been an excellent father to our children.

Third, to my sons, including my son-in-law.  It is wonderful to see them love and protect their offspring!

And last, but not least, my Heavenly Father.  Without Him where would I be?

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Tea with the Lincoln's

May 21st our family had a chance to go and "enjoy" a spot of tea!  Follow me and hopefully you will enjoy seeing pictures of "Tea with the Lincoln's".

Not everyone was excited to be in the picture, so after two attempts I gave up! This is only part of the 15 members who were traveling with us!
 First we had to "load our carriage" with our cargo...FAMILY!... and then hit the trail!  We decided to stay off the Interstate and go the state highway instead.  Like all travelers, you need to stop and stretch and take care of, stretching the ol' legs and of course potty break!

We were heading west, but this sign was facing east...we were only 58 miles FROM home!
Our destination is Springfield, Illinois!  So, what do you do to entertain a "carriage" full of family...count cows!  You divide into two teams, each team counts cows on "their" side of the road.  If you pass a church or cemetary your cows "die" an…

Remembering, Part 4

I realize that it has been a long time since "remembering" Son #7's trama.  It was starting to take me back to a place that was emotionally too much.   Even now, through God's goodness and loving hand, it is like a huge stone sitting on my chest.

I don't want to leave anyone "hanging", so I will try to finish.

Son #7's breathing was not stable.  They doctor decided to put him on the vent.  But when the vent was brought to his room his breathing started to become more stable.  They moved the vent and he was unstable.  Finally the doctor left it outside of his door as a "threat".  It worked!  However, he was not out of danger. 

My sweet little man became a stranger to me.  He would get worked up over any noise.  We could not hold, touch or even talk around him.  If his eyes were open and you made eye-contact with him he would get worked up and his heart rate would go up. 

I had a lot of questions for the doctors, but all I heard was "we w…