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{i thought i would share this.  i do not remember where i found it, i believe it may have been out of one of our text books.  either way, i thought it was worth posting.}

If we look around, like Moses, We all will be afraid.
If we look down, like Peter, We will sink.
If we look to others, like Miriam, We will be envious.
If we look up to Jesus, We will all be transformed.

School Is Out

Today and tomorrow marks the last day for school for our 2011/2012 school year.  It is a bittersweet moment.  I will be glad to have a break and go back to being a full-time homemaker!  At the same time it is sad.  It means that my young ones are growing up and growing away.  Okay, maybe not like going off to college in the fall, but you know, another year gone.

I was very tearful this afternoon since Daughter #7 finished the first grade.  She is now a second grader!  I have no more little ones to teach first grade!  She has learned so much.  We started the year reviewing simple addition families, one's, two's, etc., and ended the year starting the nineteen family and very simple multiplication!

It will take me some time to close the year out totally.  I have new material to order and old to take off the shelves.  Some items will remain for the next child and some will never be used by us again.  There really is so much to get done, but my house needs my attention!  It is time t…

Mother's Day

So, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  My mom is spending Mother's Day with Jesus.  I have no mother to call and wish a Happy Mother's Day.  That is going to be really hard tomorrow.  But..I spent the day with my little sister!  We had a good time.  We ate at a local chain resturant, went to the educational store, children's resale shop and the a local beauty supply store.  The best part...we remembered Mom!  We smiled and held back tears.  We laughed and tried not to cry...guess we will do that in private when our heads hit the pillow tonight.

Tomorrow I will spend the day at church and then lunch with the majority of my children.  I will be queen for the moment and return to my normal duties by the end of the day.  That's fine with me.  You see, I am the mom.  "Mother of Miracles", "Mean ol' Mom", what have you.  My job title has ups and downs.  I love it, they love it.  We are the perfect fitted pieces to our family puzzle!

To the moms who read thi…

Chit Chat

Okay, it's been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything.  I have really been missing my mother and I have been in "slow-mo".  I am sure as time goes on the ache will lessen...

We are on the final count of school!!!  TEN DAYS LEFT!!!  We are out officially the 18th of May.  I am in so much need of a break.  I do really well until after lunch then I crash!  I am certain it is due to eating carbs.  I love bread, good bread that is, and I love making homemade calzones and pizza's.  I love the fact that for about $17 I can get five pounds of pepperoni at GFS!  LOVE IT!  I really need to change my diet.  But pizza is a weakness, so is fried chicken, pasta, hamburgers,...

I can not believe the price of gas!  It is over $4 a gallon!  Maybe because it is close to the Indy 500 and there has got to be a profit in someone's pocket!  Anyway, a real good friend sent me this cartoon via e-mail!  I am almost thinking it would be the way to go!

Hubby filled up the van yesterd…