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Encourage One Another

One of the blogs I like to follow has a linkup on Wednesday for encouraging one another. Today was no exception in following.  I really like what Bambi Moore has posted on Deep Roots at Home.  I try to encourage the moms at church, especially the stay at home moms.  But lately I feel like I am always discouraged.  How thankful I am to come across post that lift me up and remind me that my calling is a noble one.  Thank you Bambi for the encouragement, and thank you Jacqueline for posting Bambi's encouraging words on your blog!


Oh bother!  I can't believe I did not post the last of July's birthdays!  This post should have the date July 28, 2013!!!  So let's pretend!.....

Last of July's Birthdays!

July 28, 2013

Today Daughter #5 turns thirteen!  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday I was having my fourth C-section and seeing what was suppose to be our last child for the first time! 

D#5 is a real blessing!  She is full of life and spunk.  She was born with a club foot and went through a lot to have it corrected.  She would love to be a ballerina but two things prevent it...1) we don't dance;  2) her foot would never be flexible for it.  But that has never stopped her from trying to move like a ballerina!


First July Birthday

Today, Grandson A turns five!  I can hardly believe it!  It was not that long ago that he made his appearance into the world seven weeks early!  He looks just like his daddy when his daddy was younger!  Grandson A knows that Mammi usually has a stick of gum for him!  He brings much love and laughter to our home when he is here!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDSON A! Pawpaw and Mammi love you so much! "Love you with all our hearts and all our *smile*!" XOXO


As I was thinking about this weekend I began to think back over the last seven months of 2013.  I don't know how the year has passed so quickly.  It seems that one day rolls right into another day without hardly seeing the night that falls between.

This year I have celebrated 12 family birthdays, not counting the two this weekend.  I have celebrated the birth of a grandchild and the loss of a friend.  I have celebrated three graduations and two anniversaries; finished our 8th year of educating our nesters at home and a new year ready to begin.  I have had two children and their families move and one nester "taking flight" this weekend.  New cars!, {not for myself or hubby}, but for four of our children and very happy that I do not have a car payment any longer!  I have sent six nesters to two different camps, babysat and made wonderful memories with the grands.

I have read at least a dozen books; considered writing a book but decided "I could never do that".  I h…

ITT Graduation

Saturday was graduation for Son #1.  He, along with Daughter-in-love #1, graduated from ITT Technical Institute with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.

I do not have pictures yet of the graduation.  But hope to have some to post soon!

Congratulations Son and Daughter-in-love #1! We are so happy for you!

Life is Sweet!

Hubby had a deacon's meeting yesterday afternoon.  So the nesters and I dropped him off at church and went to Wal-Mart to finish up the last minute shopping for our three campers who are off to middle camp this week.  Got to have those necessities...snacks!  While heading to the check out, "check out" what we found!

TWINKIES!!!  YES!  Quoting Son #3, "Looking good my fluffy, yellow friend!"  It was one of three boxes left! *smile*  These type of snacks are not a staple in our home, so it is truly a treat when we get them! One of the plants is just a hop, skip and maybe two jumps from Hubby's work!  Although I believe that Twinkie is not out of this plant, only the Gem-mini donuts and Mini muffins are for now!  (Maybe, just maybe the Hostess Thrift Store will make a come back also!) WELCOME BACK HOSTESS!  As for camp snacks, the Twinkies were never part of the shopping list.  It was a special treat for the family and the box made it home with only the wrappers…

Did You Ever Wonder...

...about the natural flavors found in your food and drinks?  I just finished reading an interesting post on a blog and watching a video that was posted.  I{thought} I was making good and wise choices when shopping-yes, I am a label reader!  Boy, I found out I know nothing!  I now have a shopping list of additives that I need to watch out for and avoid!

Hope you find this post as interesting as I did!


I was looking at some pictures the other evening from Daughter #3's graduation in May.  It still is so hard to believe that HALF of our children have graduated!

I have a few pictures from that evening I thought I would share!

Grandson K

The first part of this week I was able to babysit for Grandson K.  His babysitter was sick, sorry for her, YES! for me!  He is such a cutie and love kissing on his sweet little feet!
Not to mention that I loved kissing his red hair!!!!  Oh how I always wanted a red-head! 

Here is a picture of Son and Daughter-in-love #3 with Grandson K.  The picture was taken at her sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Grandson's red hair does not show up well in this picture! *so sad*