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Wow!  Four post so close together!  {maybe I have too much time on my hands}

I have some birthday pictures to share!  This covers July-October for the nesters who live at home!


The Munck family has a giveaway!  They are offering two different DVD's in this giveaway.  Hop on over to their blog (here) and read about the DVD's.  While there why not sit a spell and be blessed as you read their blog!  I am glad that found their blog, they have been a blessing!

Bridal Walk

I recently had the honor of speaking at a bridal shower at our church.  Our Pastor's wife usually has the honor, but she is taking care of her elderly mother and could not attend.  I thought I would share with my devotional with you. 

The Bridal Walk
Almost every girl dreams of the day when she is walked down the aisle to be united with the man of her dreams.All the planning and preparations are finished.The long awaited walk is a dream come true, ready to take that first step into a new life. Many years ago, the first bridal walk took place in a beautiful garden.It was a walk like no other.The bride was Eve.She had no need of planning; the Professional Planner had everything arranged.Her groom, Adam, had a nice, deep rest before he was to lay eyes on his bride.God brought Eve to Adam, the very first bridal march.What a beautiful picture that would have been, Eve, walking with God, her Creator! We know from the account of creation, God Himself put both Adam and Eve in the garden and…

Happy Sixteen!!!

Today marks a milestone in Son #5's life...he turns sixteen!!!!  It is so hard to believe that he is "that old"!  What makes it even harder to believe is that he is taller than I am!  I keep telling him it is because his hair is too thick on top of his head!  Truth be known, he is taller than me.  That's okay, he will still always be my "baby boy". *smile* 

Happy 16th Birthday Son! Daddy and I love you!

She clicked the heels of her red shoes three times and said,...

..."There's no place like home."   And that is where our dear friends from Kansas are heading to tomorrow morning...home...Kansas.

We have had the best time the last three days!  It has been wonderful!  The fun, fellowship, and sharing.  I do not have pictures to share tonight, but  will within the next day or so.

It is a sad night, I will be sleeping with tears on my pillow.  But I am ever so thankful for the days we have had with our dearest friends!