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The Last of the 2012 Birthdays

Today marks the last of the birthdays for the year.  Daughter #1 turns 24 today!  It is so hard to believe she is that old!  It has been wonderful for her to be home this year for her birthday!

Happy 24th Birthday Daughter (aka--Ditter Do) Daddy and I love you! 

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful day it has been celebrating!  Not the gifts, but the Giver. 

We have had a wonderful day spending it as a family also.  The entire family, my sister, brother-in-love, and father was over yesterday afternoon and evening.  It is always a busy and very noisy time, but very fun!

Daughter #1 and Grandson came over today.  We have had so much fun playing games.  One of the favorite games that one of our nesters received for Christmas is "Bananagram"!  Four of the siblings played it for 4 1/2 hours!  Very addicting!

However, six of us had started a new round of "Spot It" and we broke the dining room table!  Let's just say that a 100 year old table can only take so much!  It is a 11 1/2 foot table when extended...too small.  We had to remove the extended parts of the table and now it is 4 foot by 4 four foot WAY too small!  We had to bring in a small antique "kitchen" table to help accommodate for seating.  Not really sure how this …


They are here!  Daughter #1, Son-in-love #1, and Grandson are home!  They left Fort Bragg in the wee hours of Saturday morning and are finally home!  Not just for Christmas, but for good!

It is so wonderful to have all fourteen of my offspring, their mates and babes all within a 40 mile radius!

"Thank you, Lord, for the gift of family.  Thank you for the love that binds us together and the love that draws us together when we are together or apart!"

Happy Birthday Daughter #7!

Today Daughter #7 turns eight!  It just does not seem possible my baby is growing up!  I spent the longest amount of time on bed rest with weeks!  A very long seven weeks!  Four weeks were at home and in and out of the hospital.  Finally, the last three were in the hospital. 

Daughter #7 was born at 31 weeks 4 days, weighing 4 lbs. 3 oz.  She sailed through her NICU stay with no major events like the the last two babies.

Happy Birthday Daughter #7! We love you Baby Girl!

Another Craft, Another Picture

Tonight our church has a Christmas dinner.  We have an optional ornament exchange.  I made two snowman faces out of glass balls with glitter inside and painted faces.  I tore fabric to make a scarf and made a felt hat.  Sorry, I did not get pictures. *sigh*, story of my life.  BUT...I did make gift bags and even took a picture!

I made them so they can be reused and not only for Christmas.

I think the presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself!

Pictures to Share

Yes! I have some pictures! The first are of the youngest three grands. 

Aunties and Uncles are great!  Our youngest two are having fun.  This is really the first time they have had the chance to take care of the younger ones!  I love it!

Now, crafting...

I saw this project on a blog and fell in love with it.  My wonderful Stampin' Up! demonstrator made one and said from start to finish it only took a little over an hour!  Oh my, she was so right and it was so fun! I made the bird using a SU! products, Elegand Bird Bigz diecut, Big Shot, Silver Glimmer paper, Ridinghood Red ink pad, Bird Builder punch (for the leaves), Old Olive cardstock, Bakers Twine, and retired jingle bells.  I made this card for a young man (12 years old) who's father passed away this week.  I know many cards will be sent to his mother, but I wanted him to know that hewas being thought of during this time.  (I know that it would have meant the world to my children if someone would have thought of them and …

Muncks Quiver Give Away

One of the blogs I like to follow is The Muncks Quiver.  Their family is just a wee bit smaller than mine, but they are delightful and a blessing.

The Munck ladies are hosting a give away of 10 wonderful items!  Why not check out their blog, (here), and see what they have!  I am hoping for the half apron!

Momma's Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of my mother's death.  It has been a hard year.  "They" say the first year is always the hardest.  I suppose it is, since it is the first of everything without your loved one.

I know our family has only been able to make it through this year because of the Lord.  He has sustained us and comforted us.  Sometimes I thought it was wrong to cry for my mother.  But I know the Lord understands my tears.  He knows that my tears were not ones of anger, but out of missing someone who made a big impact on my life.  I miss the woman who made me and shaped me to who I am today.  I miss the woman who gave up a nursing career to stay home and raise a family. (And she never regretted it!)  She and my dad taught us to love God with all our hearts and were a great example to follow.

So, today begins the march of the second year without Mom.  I know that one day I will be reunited with her.  I know that I will see her again because of the blessed hope.  …

The Last of November Birthdays

Today Daughter-in-love #2 has a birthday!  She has been a real blessing to our family and one of the best things in Son #2's life!  She is a wonderful wife, mother, and daughter!  We are proud to have her as a daughter!


Family Picture of...

Son #1 and Family

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

What a wonderful day it has been!  Our entire family has been together, including my daddy, sister, and brother-in-love.  It has been the best day ever!  Daughter #2 has taken some great pictures, so I will try to get some from her to post.

I am very thankful that God has given the honor to be a wife and a mother.  Both callings come with lots of work, but the love it gives is makes it worth the hard work!  It has been wonderful to see my nesters that took flight, create nest of their own and begin to raise a new generation.  I pray that they work hard on their marriages and raise their young ones for the Lord.  My nesters that are still nesting, I plan to keep on training them for the Kingdom to serve the King of Kings.

This evening we plan to spend with our neighbors, enjoying the memories of years gone by.  Yes, I am blessed!  I am so blessed!

What Happened... Giving Thanks days fourteen through twenty?  Well, my little family ended up with all my attention and I did not have time to post.  I had four nesters that had the body aches and felt sick to their tummys.  Luckily, only two actually got sick to their tummys and that was only twice. *smile*  It could have been alot worse.

Our church also had a Baptist History Conference last week.  It was so good.  We had a special day for the home school families to meet and had a Bible and history lesson rolled into one!  I am very thankful for my Baptist heritage!  I pray that I never take it for granted!  It was exciting to see how many people who helped shape our great nation were Baptist!

Hubby and I were also able to fix our dryer!!  Thank you You tube video!!!!  Actually all thanks belongs to the Lord!  

Hubby has taken the week off work.  It has been a joy to have him home.  It has been wonderful for his help in school!  I was even to get out of the house for a few hours yesterday for som…

Giving Thanks...Day 13 and Birthday!

We are very thankful for the results of Daughter #2's eye test.  Her ultrasound shows she has a fibrous cyst in each eye.  One we knew about; the other we did not.  She will need to keep yearly eye exams so they can keep an eye on pun intended! 

Today is Hubby's birthday!  Another year older and another year sweeter! 

Happy Birthday Sweetheat! I love you and hope your day was terrific! xoxo

Giving Thanks...Day 10

Today has been a beautiful day!  It was about 71 degrees and I spent a good part of it going to the grocery store. ( At least I did not have to load groceries in the rain, wind or snow!)  I am thankful that I can go to the store and buy groceries.  I may not bring home everyone's favorite meal, but we have food on our table!

For "Thursday Thumpers"...

Ha!  I do have a picture of the card I made!  Love you all!!!!!! (I made a set of fifty of these cards for an engagement party announcement/invite! My Thursday Thumper Stamp Club buddies did not believe that I had a picture of the card since I never save one for future reference! I just had to show them!)

Giving Thanks...Day Eight

I am thankful for my children!  Our days are busy, noisy, and sometimes down right hectic and unpredictable--usually attitudes ;-)--but I am thankful for the fourteen living children, the in-loves, and grands! 

So many people look at children as an inconvenience, expensive, in-the-way, and just plain bothersome.  I wonder what they think when they see me with my children?  No, I don't wonder, their face says it all.  (We saw it when we were in Ohio last week.  Come to think of it, when we stopped at a fast food resturant to eat, I don't remember seeing any other children or young people.)

My children are a blessing from the Lord.  He saw it was a good thing for Hubby and I be parents to a mega-family.  It is not always easy, not only in trying to raise them and provide for them, but the comments and stares.

I have been blessed beyond measure!  Children--youngers, middlers, teens, and adults--Momma and Daddy love you!  "You are special and a blessing!"  "Sun, moon,…

Pictures of Blessings!

These are pictures of the Blessing from Giving Thanks...Day Eight! (some are not real recent, but I don't have all the recent ones on this computer!) I am one proud Momma!


As many of you know there are several blogs that I follow on a regular basis.  One of my favorite is "In the Nursery of the Nation" which is written by Bambi Moore.  I am not sure how long I have followed her, but I wish I could give her a big hug every time I read her blog!  She is such an encouragement to me.  Anyway, I wanted to leave a link to her blog on her recent post for today.  Click here to hop over and read!

Giving Thanks...Day 7

Today, tonight actually, I am thankful for feeling better!  I was hit with a bug of some sort Monday evening through this evening.  I actually feel human and loving again! 

Wonderful Hubby came home early from work yesterday to take care of the family and only went into work this morning for a few things that had to be done.  He became cook, taxi driver and bottle washer for the day!  So I guess I have two things to be thankful for today!

Giving Thanks...Day Six

Okay, I had to change the title of my blog yesterday.  I had "Day Three and Four"!  It should have read "Day Five"!  Guess my head was not thinking well!  Mooshie brain!

Today I am thankful for friends!  Long time friends!  I have "old" friends, ones that we go back years!  (never talking about age!)

Here are pictures that I promised when our friends came from Kansas to visit.  They helped Hubby and I in the youth group when Hubby was youth pastor in Kansas.

I was only 19 when Hubby and I got married.  Ed and Karla were his helpers before I became his helpmeet.  (they drove to Indiana for our wedding!)  We had the best of times!  It was nothing for us to pop over to each others homes unannounced, or call and tell the other to put away what ever you made for supper, because they were making enough for the four of us.

Oh the late nights at the Red Coach Inn!  Okay, that sounds just not right!  It was a hotel with a restaurant!  We were always going out for coff…

Birthday Pictures

I finally have a couple of  pictures of the twins birthday! 

Giving Thanks...Day Four and Five

I had a migraine yesterday, and although I was thankful, I was too sick to post!

Day Four...I am thankful for the freedom of religion and that I can have a relationship with the True God and worship Him.  I am thankful for those who gave their lives for us to keep this freedom, but also to those who came to a new land for freedom of worship.  I am thankful that many who shaped the American history were also followers of Christ and fought for the generations they would never know.  May we never take this freedom for granted.

Day Five...I am headache free this morning!  I am very thankful for that!

Giving Thanks...Day Three

Today I am thankful for being able to stay home!  My life lately has been playing taxi-driver since we have only one vehicle! 

I love my family and doing for them, but it is nice to know that I can stay home and be the "stay at home mom"!

The First of November Birthdays!

Today is a big day for two of our children!  Our twins, Son #6 and Daughter #4 turn 14 today!  They are birth children nine and ten, Son being a whole two minutes older than Daughter!  They were born one week early and each weighed over 5 pounds!


Giving Thanks...Day Two

I am thankful for a healthy family.  Over the twenty-seven years of parenting, we have seen many childhood illness and survived preterm babies.  Though we have had monitors, oxygen, and life threatening events, we have been blessed with a healthy family.

Today we take Daughter #2 to a specialist in Ohio some testing on her eye.  During a routine eye exam it was discovered she has a "bump" behind the iris of her left eye.  She was referred to another doctor in town for another exam.  Still not being able to determine what it is, we now are making a trip to Ohio for testing.  The doctors feel it is probably nothing to worry about, but we need to know what is going on.

I am confident that no matter the outcome of the test, it will be okay.  God has seen us through many trials and we always come out blessed. 

Thirty Days of Giving Thanks...Day One

Can you believe it is already November?  Where has the year gone?  So many things have happened that I thought it would be good to share some of the things that I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful that I have the honor this year of teaching the fourth and fifth graders at church on Wednesday evenings.  I love to teach and share God's Word with them.  Our group is small, but it allows me more time to spend with them.

I am  thakful that I can be a useful vessel for God.


Wow!  Four post so close together!  {maybe I have too much time on my hands}

I have some birthday pictures to share!  This covers July-October for the nesters who live at home!


The Munck family has a giveaway!  They are offering two different DVD's in this giveaway.  Hop on over to their blog (here) and read about the DVD's.  While there why not sit a spell and be blessed as you read their blog!  I am glad that found their blog, they have been a blessing!

Bridal Walk

I recently had the honor of speaking at a bridal shower at our church.  Our Pastor's wife usually has the honor, but she is taking care of her elderly mother and could not attend.  I thought I would share with my devotional with you. 

The Bridal Walk
Almost every girl dreams of the day when she is walked down the aisle to be united with the man of her dreams.All the planning and preparations are finished.The long awaited walk is a dream come true, ready to take that first step into a new life. Many years ago, the first bridal walk took place in a beautiful garden.It was a walk like no other.The bride was Eve.She had no need of planning; the Professional Planner had everything arranged.Her groom, Adam, had a nice, deep rest before he was to lay eyes on his bride.God brought Eve to Adam, the very first bridal march.What a beautiful picture that would have been, Eve, walking with God, her Creator! We know from the account of creation, God Himself put both Adam and Eve in the garden and…

Happy Sixteen!!!

Today marks a milestone in Son #5's life...he turns sixteen!!!!  It is so hard to believe that he is "that old"!  What makes it even harder to believe is that he is taller than I am!  I keep telling him it is because his hair is too thick on top of his head!  Truth be known, he is taller than me.  That's okay, he will still always be my "baby boy". *smile* 

Happy 16th Birthday Son! Daddy and I love you!

She clicked the heels of her red shoes three times and said,...

..."There's no place like home."   And that is where our dear friends from Kansas are heading to tomorrow morning...home...Kansas.

We have had the best time the last three days!  It has been wonderful!  The fun, fellowship, and sharing.  I do not have pictures to share tonight, but  will within the next day or so.

It is a sad night, I will be sleeping with tears on my pillow.  But I am ever so thankful for the days we have had with our dearest friends!

Exciting News...

...I can finally tell!!!!  Son and Daughter-in-love #3 are expecting a baby!!!!!!  We have known for WEEKS now, but they wanted to wait until they could see a doctor before we said anything.  Because of past health issues, this babe is an answer to all are!  Last week they had their first doctor's appointment and ultrasound...because of a presenting health issue.  But Babe and Mommy look great, just need to follow a little closely for a while!
The due date for the new one is April 28, 2013!

Also, we have some dear and close friends from McPherson, Kansas visiting us!  They were our youth helpers when Hubby was youth pastor in Kansas.  It is going to be wonderful catching up and just spending time together.  Uh...we can't run water or flush the toilets...we discovered we must have a broken sewer pipe.  Going to be insteresting trying to locate it and visiting!

Have a wonderful Lord's day! 

Twenty Nine Years and Counting

Yesterday, 24 September, Hubby and I celebrated our 29th anniversary.  It really does not seem possible.  In my mind's eye I am still 19 years old and building a life with the man of my dreams.  Reality says, "Put your glasses on!" 

I am no longer nineteen, but forty eight.  I am still building a life with the man of my dreams.  Our dreams of our life together have changed over the last 29 years, but it has been worth it.

I am reminded of a song that Kenny Rogers used to sing, Through the Years.

I can't remember when you weren't there
When I didn't care for anyone but you
I swear we've been through everything there is
Can't imagine anything we've missed
Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do

Through the years, you've never let me down
You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found
I've found with you ... Through the years
I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made
And I'm so glad I've stayed…

Another September Birthday

Today is a milestone birthday for
Daughter #2...she turns 20 today!!! I can not believe how time has flown by. 
It seems like just yesterday we were bringing
her home from the hospital.

We have a New Grand Baby!!!

Introducing... Grandson #5 (Grandchild #7) Born September 18, 2012 8:20 PM 7 pounds 11 ounces 20 inches long 

Birthday Pictures

Yesterday Daughter #6 turned eleven.  What does a girl of eleven want?  Well, this girl wanted something that really surprised me!

Happy Birthday

Today Daughter #6 turns eleven.  I can hardly believe she came into this world weighing only 2 pounds 9 ounces!  She was born at 28 weeks and spent three months in the NICU.  She has grown into a healthy child and has no problems as a result of her being premature.  We are so thankful for the grace God gave us and how He grew our faith during her NICU stay and wires and monitors that came home with her!


Heart is Breaking

This ol' momma's heart is breaking.  Daughter #1 and Grandson came to say good-bye before Son-in-love #1 taking them to the airport.


Life has been busy the last couple of weeks.  We have completed two weeks of school.  I love the structure of school because our day has a routine.  But, I sure do enjoy Saturdays and a long weekend! 

Daughter #1 and Grandson came home on Friday for a "four day".  They will fly out to return to Fort Bragg, NC.  So we will start the count down to her final days of her coming home for good--ninety-four days!  That is so far away...but she will try to be home for Thanksgiving.

I have no pictures yet of our weekend as a family.  Daughter #2, our photographer, has not yet uploaded/downloaded {whatever the lingo} the pictures she has taken.

I started getting sick late Thursday of last week.  I felt horrible on Friday, left sinus and teeth hurt so bad.  I felt even worse on Saturday, right sinus and teeth!  I still had to go to the grocery!  By the afternoon I felt like I was finished.  But I kept going, until yesterday.  I finally had to call it quits and stay home from church.  I a…

Momma Missing Little Momma

Just a few more days and Daughter #1 will be home for a visit with Grandson!  Fort Bragg, NC is too far away!  I am grateful for the time and energy she puts in to be able to come home for short visits.

I am so very thankful for the Grands that I have close to home!  {I love all my babies...children, in-loves, and grands!}

First Day of School

Very busy day!  We started school this morning.  Not just my home educated scholars, but even my college scholar!

Our my morning started at five.  I had the scholars up at six and watched Son #4 leave for work.  Everyone had personal devotions, breakfast and dressed by 6:40!  So they all started school!  This is not unusual for them.  Last year they were up by seven, but this year I moved it to six to give them some time to "lolly-gag" in getting ready.  I will see how this goes and adjust to what is needed.

Daughter #2 started a new year at one of our local colleges.  I get to play taxi driver three days a week, meaning I get to take Hubby to and from work on those days.  This is the one disadvantage to having only one vehicle.  But for now it is all we have and I am very thankful for it!

As you can tell we use video streaming and dvd's for school.  This is our 5th year using the videos.  It has been a huge help and much needed for my health!  By no means don't think t…

End of Summer Vacation

Monday morning, 8 o'clock sharp, we will be back in school!  I am not sure who is more excited, me or the scholars.  Of course that means that I will be up around 5, scholars up at 6, devotions, breakfast, and school started no later than eight!  Lockers are ready, desk/dining room table will be ready, school supplies are distributed!

It also means my "play" time with crafting will be limited to only evenings! *no smile*

Here is a little project that I worked on today with my best friend Bonnie.  It is a recipe card book for a little gal at church who is getting married next month.  I thought it turned out really cute!  (the stamped images are Stampin' Up!, -of course- but the paper is something I had on  hand for quite a while)  I used my Zutter Bind-It-All and finished it with ribbon on hand in my ribbon drawer.

(1) The book measures 4.25" x 5.5"  Label on front I printed on the computer using
      Very Vanilla cardstock and a label punch.
(2) The pages…

114 years

Odd title?  Well, yes it is.  But, today would have been my grandmother's (dad's mom) 114th birthday.  She died one week before her 76th birthday in 1974.  Grandma King was the only grandparent I knew.  Daddy's father died at the age of 48; Daddy was only 11.  Mother's father died eight days before she was born teaching someone to fly an airplane in 1932.  Her mother died 15 years later from cancer.

After taking Daughter #6 for an ortho appointment today, we decided to go to the cemetery to visit Mother's grave.  I know only her old, tired body rest beneath the earth, but sometimes I just need to go and "visit". 

My best friend's brother and mother are buried not even a stones throw from my mom.  Our mothers were born about eight days apart, and their deaths are only seven days apart, though the date are several years different.  So I went to visit/check on my friend's family graves.  The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, and as t…

Happy {Belated} Anniversary

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of Son #3 and his bride!  Life was so busy with a two hour ortho appointment for Son # 4--braces off!!!--and babysitting Granddaughter #1, I did not get a chance to post!  {i know, terrible excuses!}

But I do want to wish the happy couple a happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Daddy and I love you and are very proud of you both!!!

Yet Another Birthday!

Today Son #3 turns 25!   He was always my helper growing up.  Always wanting to help me make the beds, fold laundry, pick up toys...  He learned to pinch pennies while shopping with me.  He was my late night shopping buddy and always made sure my cart was perfectly straight!

Watching his baby sister in the NICU,  he reacted when her monitor went off as she turned blue.  He reached into her bed to adjust her  tiny body to open her airway and stimulate her.  The respiratory therapist told him he had saved his baby sister's life.  That was the start of his dream to be a respiratory therapist!

Son, I am proud of you and hope you have a terrific 25th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Son!
Daddy and I love you!

Another Birthday!

Today is Daughter #5's twelth birthday.  She is our little one that was born with a club foot.  We used the Ponseti Method to correct her foot.  It is a series of castings to correct the foot without having major surgeries.  We started castings when she was six days old.  The results were amazing. It was heart wrenching for this momma to watch as they manipulated her foot.  They forgot to tell me to bring a bottle to feed her while they worked on her to keep her calm.  Kind of hard to do with a nursing babe!  Plus, she wanted nothing to do with the bottle!  I ended up using the Suplemental Nursing System, SNS, attatched to my finger to feed her!  It worked!  The doctor was so impressed he said he was going to suggest it to his other moms who were nursing!  

We are very grateful to God for the doctor who we had that was so awesome during the three years of correction!  (She had a few other things that needed to be corrected because of her foot.)  Her foot and leg have some weakness…

Grandson #2 Turns 4

Today our second grandson turns four!  Where does the time go? He came into the world about six weeks early and did wonderful. He is full of energy and keeps us laughing!
Happy 4th birthday Grandson #2! Mammi and Pawpaw love you so much!!!! XOXOXO


Only six days into the month and it feels like its been forever!  Of course the extreme heat and heat index has not helped!  We have central air, but cannot get our temp to go lower than 82 degrees, that is with the unit set on 70 and fans running!  Here is a quick re-cap of the month::

1st~~Daughter #1, Son-in-law #1 and Grandson meet us at church a few minutes after nine to say goodbye.  It was so sad!  Goodbyes in our home take a few minutes, even if you are going to the grocery.  You know, gotta hug and kiss them all, some need it twice!  Now...when you are going to be gone for a LONG time, goodbyes take even longer!  I heard we had some of the church members in tears as they watched us in the parking lot!  (why does it still hurt to think about it?)

2nd~~Decided to remove 2011/12 school material from "lockers" and get the new ones in!  AHHHH!!!!!  I ended up in tears after about 4 1/2 to 5 hours!  I only did 4 out of 8 lockers!  It is such a big job!  Gotta make sure you …


It has been a busy two weeks with Daughter #1 home with her family!  Tomorrow morning they will be heading back to Fort Bragg.  It will be sad, we have become very attatched to Grandson #3!  (i will post more about our time together later)

But for now I will leave you with a picture of our 14 children and Hubby and myself!

Back row::  Son #5, Me, Son #4, Son #1, Son #2, Son #3, Hubby
Middle row::  Daughter #2, Daughter #1, Son #6, Daughter #4, Daughter #3
Front row::  Daughter #7, Daughter #6, Son #7, Daugher #5

OH MY!!!!!

We are into the 4th day of Bible school, and Daughter #1 and Grandson are home for a bit of a visit!!!!  So...I did not post something special yesterday and almost was ready to leave for VBS and realized that something else was almost missed!!!!!!

Yesterday, Son #2 and his lovely bride, celebrated their third anniversary!!!!  Happy third
Anniversary, you two! 

Today, Daughter-in-law #3 is celebrating her twenty-something birthday!  Happy Brithday Daughter!!!

There, I feel better and I still have ten minutes before I need to leave of the church!