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Feeling Honored

I think being a mother must be one of the hardest, but most rewarding and honoring jobs.  Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed and wonder if my training will ever make a difference.  (okay, i know it does, but sometimes you wonder what the little ol' brain is thinking when your training)

During homework today, Daughter #6 was telling me about her Sunday School lesson from yesterday.  They had stars that were hanging on the dry-erase board.  The teacher had said they were going to put movie stars names on them and then talk about what they had compared to what was missing in their lives.  Daughter #6 said the class was naming off different stars and she had no idea who most of them were.  She went on to say that she was glad that we did not make a big deal over movie stars.  I asked her if she felt left out not knowing them and she said, "No."

We do have a TV, we watch selected movies on DVDs, Netflix, and a few local stations we can get on our "little black box".  O…

An Amazing Day

My time is short right now and I will post more about this later, but today was an amazing day!  I was able to do something that was a dream come true, and that was to attend a brayering class, beginner and advanced, given by Michelle Zindorf!  Let me say amazing!  Not to mention the three amazing friends who made my dream come true! 

Pinch me!  I want to make sure this day was real and not a dream!

Remembering, Part 3

I was asked which hospital I wanted Son #7 to go to, of course I wanted him at the hospital that knew him, the one he was born in.  I was told he was too critical to make the 20 minute trip, so it was decided to take him to the county hospital. The children's hospital is across the street and we knew he would be sent there once he was stable and had permission to be transferred.

My neighbor called my hubby at church to let him know we were on our way to the hospital and he needed to get there as soon as possible.  He went back to gather the family and was nearly dragging them out of the sanctuary.  One of our friends stopped him long enough to find out what was going on.  They offered to take the family back to the house while he went to the hospital.  Our neighbor kept the two daughters that were at home.

Our ambulance ride to the hospital was rather slow.  They could not go very fast since Son #7 was too tiny for the straps on stretcher.  It seemed like the trip took forever, yet …

Remembering, Part 2

The day started like most Sundays, getting ready for church.  Since we had just brought Son #7 home from the NICU, I would be staying home.  The family went to our usual morning services and came home for Sunday dinner.  After we ate I was needing to work on a flower girl's dress Daughter #4 would be wearing in Son #1's wedding in May. 

Before too long it was time to go back to evening church.  Daughter #2, 10 at the time, wanted to stay home and help.  Daughter #4, 4 at the time, was (and still is) a momma's girl and wanted to stay home also.  Hubby took rest of the family with him. 

Son #7 had been fed and diapered and put down in the pac-n-play so I could continue with my project.  He became a bit fussy and Daughter #2 wanted to hold him.  So I picked him up and and settled them both down on the sofa with Daughter #4 next to them.  I had not gotten very far in my project when he started fussing.  Daughter #2 thought he might be hungry.  I knew he was not, but sat down t…

Remembering, Part 1

Nine years ago today I brought home from the hospital, for the fist time, Baby #13, who just happens to be Son #7.  I spent three weeks at home on bedrest and four weeks in the hospital on bedrest.  Son #7 arrived 11:42 pm on February 11, 2003, weighing 4 pounds 2 ounces and 16 1/2 inches long, at 31 weeks 5 days gestation.  He spent four weeks in the NICU growing and at 36 weeks 2 days was finally released to go home!  It had been a long road and finally we would all be together getting our life back to normal!

Little did I realize that "normal" was only going to last forty-eight hours.  MY plans of normal would soon unravel.

Stay with me for a few postings...I will share with you how God moved in the life of our family and showed us a miracle.  But like most miracles it was not without hardship or tears.

Seasons of Life

As spring awakens our senses, I begin to ponder the seasons.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Even as a young child I loved everything about the autumn season.  The sight of the green leaves losing their color and turning so many different shades of yellow, red and brown.  The final harvest of garden veggies and the smell of dirt as the garden was picked for the last time that season. 

 I remember trips to my great aunt's farm in southern Indiana.  Sometimes we would come home with some apples,  but mostly bushels of potatoes from one of the neighbors farms.  The potatoes would be covered in newspaper and stored in our laundry room just off the garage.  Oh how I disliked being the one who had to go and bring the potatoes to Mom!  What if a spider was in there?  (I don't ever recall a spider, but just the thought even now gives me the "willlies"!)

This same great aunt would make home made applesauce with red hot candies cooked into it.  Ahh!  The sweet memor…

Happy Birthday Daughter #3!

Today is Daughter #3's birthday.  She is now seventeen!  As she put it, "I am almost done with my teen years."  Hey, when did that happen?

Daughter #3, who is also child #7,  is full of spunk and fire.  Once her mind is set it is almost impossible to change it.  That can be a terrific quality if used in the right way. :)  She is a real blessing and a joy.  I know God has a wonderful plan for her life.  I am excited to see what He has planned and watching her bloom and blossom into that wonderful young woman!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Princess!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

How to Make My Scholars Smile

I love to see my children smile.  With 10 out of the 14 at home it can be challenging to keep smiles on their faces.  Not to mention the eight scholars who rather find anything to do except school. 

I  had to take Hubby to work today and needed to pick something up for lunch.  So I decided on veggie sandwiches.  Yep, it put a smile on their faces!  We all love, veggies but they can be so expensive.  Instead of using french bread I decided to use pita bread.  I use to buy pita bread all the delicious with sloppy joes.  (I don't remember the reason why I quit buying it, except maybe the expense of it.)

Anyway, when my "little elves" helped unload the groceries they wanted to know if it was lunch time! :-)  We demolished two orange peppers, one red and yellow pepper, one and a half cucumbers, 5 Roma tomatoes, which as not enough...what was I thinking?!?!  I
sliced  eight ounces of mushrooms--used only half, a half tray of alfalfa sprouts, and half of a small onion. …