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Daughters and Grandbabies

A couple of weeks or so ago we took a day off school and made it a field trip since Daughter #1 was home with her hubby and my newest grand!  Almost the entire clan went to the Children's Museum.  We had so much fun, but not enough time!
This is a picture of two of the grandbabies on their "horsie" ride!   

Daughter-in-law #2, Daughter #1 Granddaughter #1, Grandson #3

Happy Birthday!

Today is Son #1's 27th birthday!  Am I that old?  Am I really old enough to have a twenty-seven  year old child?  It sure does not seem like it was that long ago that I brought home a 9 pound 3 ounce baby from the hospital!

Every baby's birth is special, but nothing compares to the first!  Nothing prepares you for the first!  Son #1 was three days past his due date, but my water broke while Hubby and I were out having dinner with his parents!  It was cold, 36 degrees and raining!  (outside, not inside! ;-) )  Not to mention the restaurant was crowded and we were at the back!  I was soaked and my shoes had water in them!  The squeaked  as I walked!  At least I was only in labor for eight hours before I was able to hold my first child!

Happy Birthday Son #1!! I love you and am so glad that God gave you to me!

Wordless Wednesday

Blog Hopping

You know me, I love to blog hop...when I get the chance!  I have certain ones I check often.  I came across this video on one of the blogs  Very powerful!  It is about a 33 minute video.  You may not have a chance to watch it now, but bookmark it, you may want to come back to it!

I'll try to be back in a day or so to post pictures of Grands!  Being a Mammi is "wonderful good!"

Happy Birthday Son #7

Today is Son #7's birthday!  He is nine years old!  It is so hard to believe my baby boy is growing up!  He and I share the same birthday!  So that makes me forty-eight!  Yikes!  Did not think that sounded old until now!

I spent four weeks in the hospital on bed rest with him and made it to 32 weeks.  It was almost  the longest month of my life.  Son #7 spent one month and four days in the NICU.
That was his first round in the NICU.  (more on that later on)


Meeting Newest Grand

We met our newest grandbaby!  Oh so sweet!  He is so tiny, even if he is now 9 pounds and 2 ounces!  This is a picture of Hubby and Grandson #3.  He was not a happy camper, Grandson-not Pawpaw!  (I have a CD of pictures of the last 2 days but my computer won't open it!  ERRRRRR!)
We babysat the two youngest grandbabies tonight while Sons #2 and 3 with their wives, Daugher #1 and her hubby, Daughter #2 and fiancee, and Daughter #3 went to "experience" hullabaloo of the NFL downtown tonight before the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Why in the world they would want to go was beyond me.  Everything is so expensive, it was cold and rainy, and massive crowds of people!  They were gone less than two hours--we live close enough that Hubby dropped them off and went back for them.  They said it was just a big party scene with a bunch of drunks.  "Maybe" if they went during the day, or a day or two ago it may have been different, but not tonight.  At least it gave us a chance to ha…