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Just had to Share

We found out yesterday evening that Daughter #1, Son-in-law #1 AND NEWEST GRANDSON are coming home for six days to visit!!!!! YAY!!

We are all so excited!  They should be here early Thursday morning.  They plan to drive straight through from Fort Bragg, SC.  They will be tired but it will be so wonderful to hold my newest grand!

Newest grand (Grandson #3) had an ultrasound on his kidney yesterday.  They saw before he was born one kidney was not functioning properly.  The ultrasound yesterday showed there were no changes and they would need to meet with a specialist. 

I had Granddaughter #1 for a couple of hours today.  She was fussy, but such a joy to have.  I found out she like the play gym WITHOUT the boppi!  She was so much happier when the boppi was removed! 

Ahhh!  Babies, LOVE THEM!!!  Big children, little children, adult children, LOVE THEM TOO!
Life doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Stampin' Fun!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to make homemade cards.  I love to stamp, cut, glue, color, blend...uh, no this is not preschool!  You *might* say it is a passion!  My favorite company is Stampin' Up!  I have two workshops a year, one early winter, and one mid-summer.  That might be due to the hostess benefits!  Everything is better when you can earn it free!

Okay...Tuesday, January 24, was the first day of Sale-A-Bration.  (you can go here to learn more about both SU! and SAB!)  Yes, I can be selfish; I have it worked out with my wonderful demonstrator (go here to learn more about her) to usually hold the first workshop of SAB and the new big catalog that comes out.  It was an awesome time!   There were fourteen wonderful ladies in my home being creative!  Love it!

There is one technique I love to do, brayering.  I have for some time followed Michelle Zindorf's blog (visit here).  She is willing to travel and hold classes to share what she loves doing.  Michelle will…

Newest Grand is Here

Grandson is here! 
::January 15, 2012 ::10:53 PM ::8 pounds 11 ounces ::22 inches long

Waiting Almost Over

Daughter #1 is in labor and Baby is almost here.  It has been a day, and we are not even in the same state.  The Army sure has their own way of doing things with Mommy-to-be!  (I'll leave that one alone!)  Anyway, the long wait of the day is almost over!

I wish I could run to her room and pick her up and soothe her fears, tears, and pains away.  I think this  has been harder on me than when I gave birth to her!

I promise I will be back with news of our newest Grand and hopefully a picture!  And I promise it won't be two weeks!!!!