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Mid-November Birthday!

Today we celebrate Hubby's birthday!  He is such an amazing man.  He is a godly example to ours sons of what a husband and father should be.  He has been a wonderful example to all 14 of our children.  I am so glad that God brought the two of us together and I waited for God to send me His best!



I promised I would blog some pictures so let me see what I can do before the computer decides to have a mind of its own! 

This picture was taken at the homeschool convention we attended in March of this year.  Son #7 wanted his picture taken with the author of the book he is holding "Leonard's Socks".  Son read the book from the library but wanted an autograph copy of  his own.  We have found him several times reading instead of sleeping!

Son #7 sharing the lime light with big sister, Daughter #4.  These pictures are all from Son #7's camera.  One of our big guys gave him their camera and he is loving it!

Daughter #3 on her 19th birthday, March 7, 2014.  
Daughter #2 on her 22nd birthday, September 19, 2014.

Son #4  and #6 playing at Chuck E. Cheese..."where a kid can be a kid"...guess when you are 24 and 16 you are still considered a kid at CEC!  (this is where Granddaughter J celebrated her third birthday) Daughter #7 (9) and Grandson P (9) share a "roll…

A Double Birthday Celebration!!

Today we celebrated Son #6 and Daughter #4, who just happen to be children #9 and #10, sixteenth birthday! 

Where does the time go?  It seems like yesterday these two were just babes snuggling together in the womb and then in a crib together!  They certainly are a double blessing.

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY SON! YOUR DADDY AND I LOVE YOU AND ARE SO THANKFUL FOR  YOU! XO HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER! DADDAY AND I LOVE YOU AND ARE SO THANKFUL YOU! XO My this year be a wonderful year and full of memories! Love, Daddy and Momma  (one of these days I will get some birthday pictures posted!)