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The Last of the February Birthdays

Today is Son #1's birthday!  He came into the world 28 years ago today, at 4:36 am, weighing 9 pounds 3 ounces!  He was only 3 days over due and was my longest labor...eight hours!

Hubby and I had gone out to eat with his folks. (Hey Laurie, we were at the Red CoachInn!)  I was not hungry and was making "railroad" tracks in my mash potatoes.  Not being hungry should have been a clue that something was not right! *smile*  After we were finished with our meal I started to get up and sat down very quickly!  As I stood my water broke!  The restaurant we were eating in was the busiest it had been in a long while!  And of course we were sitting very near the back!  Thank goodness I had my coat with me, but my shoes squeaked as a walked! They were leather and very, very wet!

Needless to say my love for the wee one out weighed the humiliation I felt.  But I left a very big mess for the waitress!


Grandson E

I found a picture Daughter #2 had taken of Granson E and me a couple of weeks ago.  He is so much fun, as well as all of the grands!

I also found this sweet picture of my daddy and our two youngest, Son #7 and Daughter #7.  By the way, my daddy is the #1 Dad! *smile*

Like Father, Like Son

Every once in a while you see something that you just have to capture on camera.  While fixing lunch this afternoon, one of the daughters noticed the Hubby and Son #7 were "dressed" alike--white t-shirt and black dress pants.  Son #7 was beaming after noticing this.  Just had to capture it and share!

Baby Boy Turns Ten!

I can't believe it!  Our youngest son turns ten today!  It is hard to believe that the little bundle, weighing just a bit over 4 pounds, is a lively, very imaginative young man.  He never ceases to amaze me with his questions and hunger for knowledge!

Happy Birthday Son #7! We love you and are so very glad God gave you to us! If Son #7 is turning 10, that must mean I'm turning 49 today!  Must admit, he was the best birthday present ever!