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Warriors and Maidens...

In case you did not know, I have another blog.  I started it back in August but have not blogged like I thought I would.  So I decided to post a few pictures of the nesters from their birthdays this year.  If you would like  you can click here to hop on over. 

I had an idea about where I wanted to go with Raising Warriors and Maidens, but I can not seem to get my thoughts out of my head and into the blog.  So I am praying that God will show me what I am to do with the new blog.  It was something I felt like the Lord was leading me to do when I was praying for direction in my life.  I will continue to pray and see where He leads me.

Our Last Birthday of the Year

I can not believe we are at the end of 2013! I think back over the year and the many blessings that God has brought our way.  One huge blessing was Daughter #1 and her family moving back to Indiana.  After five, very long years for us, it was like a dream come true.  (I will save that for another day, just the thought makes me want to cry!)

Anyway, the reason of this post is to celebrate Daughter #1's twenty-fifth birthday!  We were very surprised after having three boys to have a little princess!  She has been such a joy, which is her middle name!

A December Birthday

I can not believe that today our baby girl, Daughter #7, turns nine!  It seems like it yesterday this tiny, 31 1/2 week premature baby came into our lives.  I spent just shy of two months on bed rest with her between home and hospital.

Daughter #7 is probably the most dramatic of all our daughters.  Not a drama queen, but a funny dramatic!  Sometimes we wonder where she comes up with her wit and drama, then we look at the great teachers she has had in her life! 

Daughter #7 is not only the youngest daughter, but the youngest child.  She is the daughter that has played with her baby dolls longer than the other girls, probably because she has not "grown-up" with a baby in the house.  Nieces and nephews are great, but they do not live here all the time. 


Children, Grandchildren and Life, OH MY!

It has been a long time since I posted!  I cannot believe so much time would go by without a post.  I have been able to read a few of my favorite blogs, as reading goes much quicker than posting!

Life is ever so busy.  Truth is, children and grandchildren seem to have me tied up lately.  You know, just life in general.  School, sick tummies, taking care of the grands, and trying to stay on top of life.  I broke my little toe two days after Thanksgiving.  I finally went back to church yesterday for the first time.  I have been out of the house only a total of 3 times!  It is nice to be able to put a shoe on my foot even if it is a tiny bit painful.

We are into the final days of the first semester and have divided our semester exams into three days.  The men in my life are out today delivering food baskets from our church Bread of Life Ministry.  My little women once they finish their school are helping out with Granddaughter J and helping get a few things done around the house.

It is a…

Last of November Birthdays

November is the busiest month for our family with birthdays.  We celebrate four of them within a 3 week period!  But that is fine with me, what better way to spend a day than with the ones you love, celebrating the day they came into this world!

Today Daughter-in-love #2 is celebrating her birthday!  She came over yesterday with Granddaughter J.  I am very thankful for DIL #2, she is a wonderful wife to Son #2 and Granddaughter J.  She is also a wonderful daughter-in-love!

Happy Birthday Daughter! We love you very much! XOXO

The Blessing of Being a Grandparent

I remember when I was younger our church had an evangelist preach every year for Grandparents Day.  His name was B.M. Page.  I am not even sure if he ever preached on the blessings of being a grandparent.  Truthfully, I can not remember anything he preached.  I only remember his one 'famous' saying, "Cheer up, you'll soon be dead!"  

I do recall my mother asked our pastor what were the duties of a grandparent to the grandchildren, and he said, "None."  That bothered my mom and kind of bothered me also.  The only grandparent I had was my dad's mom.  She lived in Henning, Illinois and we did not get to see her as often as we would have liked.  She died when I was ten.  I do remember that she loved me.  I remember asking her once if she was a Christian and she said she tried to be a good one.  I am not sure what she meant by that statement.  I pray that she did know the Savior and I will see her in heaven one day.

But with eight grands of my own, I belie…

Happy Birthday Hubby

Here it is almost the middle of November and celebrating another birthday!  With a large family we tend to celebrate a lot of birthdays! 

Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday!  We are so blessed to have a wonderful provider and encourager!  The past several weeks have been a bit more stressful than usual.  But Hubby has been an encourager for all of us to keep our eyes on the Lord and not on the situation at hand.

I am so blessed that God has provided me with a wonderful husband and friend!



Recently I have been made aware of a cancer called mesothelioma.  The word is not new to me, but the only thing I really heard about it was through commercials which was basically an advertisement for lawyers.  You know, the kind of commercials that go in one in and out the other. 

I knew mesothelioma was caused by exposure to asbestos, but never thought about the cancer beyond the person who was in the working environment.  But thanks to Heather Von St. James, I have been more aware of this cancer.

I would love for you to take a few minutes and hop over to hear her story.  It is a story of survival!  She was given just a short 15 months to live,  yet she has survived almost eight years!

Here is a link to her video and a link for information on her treatment  So the next time you hear a commercial about mesothelioma you can be more informed and know that you have heard the story of one young woman who has survived this cancer!  I kn…

Double Blessings of Birthdays!

Today our twins, Son #6, (child 9), and Daughter #4, (child 10) celebrate their 15th birthday!

I can still remember the day we found out for sure we were having twins by ultrasound!  Our doctor suspected it by ten weeks and with the migraines I was having I knew I carrying more than one wee babe!

Just like their siblings, they are such a blessing and a joy!  Each bringing their own personalities and uniqueness to our "small" family!

Still behind on posting pictures!  I am trying! :) I will try to get some up soon! 

Last of the October Birthdays

It is hard to believe that Son #5, (child #8) turns seventeen today!  Where does the time go?  It really seems like yesterday that he came into the world.  He has a witty sense of humor and is very loving.

Not long ago he was working on some homework and put on a "thinking cap".  It belongs to Granddaughter J, but that day he got more use out of it than she did!


(soon I will have a post with some past birthday pictures!)

Family Picture and Birthday Celebration

This evening we celebrated a belated birthday party for Grandson C's first birthday.  He turned one on September 18, but we are just now getting around to celebrating with his party. 

I know I still need to blog and post pictures from other birthday celebrations, but since the entire family was present for a family picture, including my favorite sister (who happens to be my only sister), I really wanted to get this posted.

It was crazy, loud, and chaotic at times tonight, but we had the best time.  You should have seen us after the sugar rush of ice cream and cake! Below are the lyrics to a song I use to hear while I was growing up.  A man from the church I grew up as a child use to sing this.  It always was a blessing to hear him sing it.  He and his wife had 5 children and I babysat for them often.  I always wanted a little family like theirs and God blessed me and Hubby many times over!  (Corey Kennedy, if you are reading this, the family was your sweet hubby's family!)  I si…

Granddaughter J Turns Two

Two!  So hard to believe, Granddaughter J is turning two!  Seems like yesterday we were holding her for the first time!  Were does the time go?  HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY BIG GIRL! PAW-PAW AND MAMMI LOVE YOU BUNCHES! XOXO

Celebrating October with a Birthday

Today is a day of celebration for Daughter-in-love #1.  She is celebrating a birthday!  We are so happy to have DIL #1 as part of our family.  We love her as much as if she was one of our born children!


Thirty Years and Counting

Today Hubby and I celebrate our 30th anniversary!  WOW!  It does not seem possible!  I was a young bride of 19 when I got married, and though the mirror, clothes, and aches and pains tell me different, in my mind I still feel like 19; a very wise and mature nineteen! *smile*

In thirty years of marriage we have given birth to 14 children, suffered 2 miscarriages, gone from driving our first car together, a little gray Chevette, to a 15 passenger van.  We have seen five children set out on their own, four children get married, 8 grandchildren welcomed into our family, many heartaches and more blessings than a body can count.

I am so thankful that I was given this wonderful man.  He truly is the light of my life and my best friend.

Birthday Celebrations Continue!

Today we are celebrating Daughter #2!  Today she is 21!  Oh my!  That is hard to believe!  It does not seem like she should be 21, but time marches forward!

D#2 in my go-getter!  When she sets her mind to something she will see it through to the end!  If you look up the word "determined" in the dictionary you would most likely see a picture of her! *smile*

Happy Birthday Daughter! We love  you and are so thankful that God gave you to us! xoxo Love, Daddy and Momma

Grandson C Turns One!

It seems like time flies while raising a family.  One day turns into another, then a week, a month and  before you know it an entire year has gone by!

That is exactly how I feel since Grandson C was born a year ago, except with the grands it seems to go by much quicker!  Must be an age thing!

Today we celebrate Grandson C!  He is Son #1 youngest son.

Field Trip

Hubby took a vacation day on Friday of last week.  So we decided that it would be a great day for a field trip.  We had test and quizzes that were scheduled and I do not like to postpone the T's and Q's.  So we had Bible class and then everyone completed the T/Q's for the day. 
After a quick bite to eat we headed off on our field trip---a cemetery!  Creepy, crazy, I know, but we like roaming cemetery's!  We went to Crown Hill Cemetery.  The cemetery has over 200,000 people buried in it.  But it is also the cemetery where several famous people are buried.  We explored graves from soldiers, public servants, authors, poets, governors, vice presidents and a president.  Not to mention well known business owners and a well know bank robber!  Yep!  We covered a lot of history on Friday!   

The photos are from Daughter #2.  I think she did a very good job!

Some of the stones were modern even though the person had been buried for some time.  But the markers were created in ho…

The First of September Birthdays

Today our Daughter #6, (11th child) turns 12!  I must say, she is a mite bit bigger than she was 12 years ago.  She was born at 28 weeks, weighing just a little over 2 pounds.  She was so tiny and frail we could just barely touch her.  No stroking, no holding, actually no stimulation!

She loves horses, plaid shirts, and cowboy boots!  Not to mention "stealing" her older sister's favorite slippers and wearing them!  I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for my girl!

Happy Birthday Daughter! Daddy and I love you very much! xoxo

A Heritage of the Lord

Psalm 127:3-5 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
so are children of the youth.
5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:
they shall not be ashamed,
but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. I just finished reading a post from Deep Roots at Home.  I must admit that Jacqueline is one of my favorite authors in the blogging world.  I met her in person at a home school convention and she is every bit as sweet as she seems in her blog!  I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her and hope I will see her again in the future! Her post The Childfree Life is wonderful!  My heart breaks for women who can not have children or whose family has been limited for reasons beyond their control.  But I think it is a message that has been lost, even in most of our churches.  I am not passing judgment, just passing on a wonderful post!

Lilla Rose

I have several hair clips that I love!  They are Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose!  Not only are they beautiful, but also quick and easy to use!  I find that the clips do not pull and grab my hair like regular "clam-claw" clips do and hold much better!

Bambi, who blogs at In the Nursery of the Nation, is hosting a giveaway!  Why not hop over to her blog and check it out!

The Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today marks the last day of summer vacation!  Sunday is  the official start of our week with worshipping in the Lord's house and Monday is the official first day of our 2013-2014 academic school year.  As much as I am ready, I feel so unprepared.  But I know the Lord has called our family to home educate and through His strength we can do it.

Even though we still have at least a month of summer left, starting school always seems like the beginning of the autumn season.  I believe we are the last of the families in our neighborhood to return to school, but have some home educating friends who still have a week of summer vacation left.  So, unofficially, GOOD BYE SUMMER, HELLO AUTUMN!

Another August Birthday

Today Son #3 turns twenty-six!  Wow!  Where does the time go?  He was just my little man and now he is a man with a family of his own!


The Not So Nice Momma

Uh...that would be me!  Definitely not nice!  I don't think if I could even find the word nice in the dictionary.  As a matter of fact, I think "that word" fell out of my dictionary. 

Bad day? You bet!  My fault?  Probably...okay, I take all the blame.  It is one of those days.  The weather here is changing.  We are expected to get some rain and the heat and humidity is starting to climb.  I have had a headache since yesterday, my right sinus is hurting with some dizziness added to it.

The house is very much out of order and needs just a little TLC to make it right.  Not a problem.  Chores have been assigned and placed in chore packs.  The nesters know the drill, they what to do. 

I see that some of the freshly folded laundry is not in the  drawers.  The reason given is "there is not enough room".  Simple solution...take out what you do not wear or like and put it in appointed basket.  I guess it is not that simple.  So I have to go into one room and go through …

Follow Me to a Giveaway

I love to journal!  Let's face it,  I love paper and pens!  I love "Back to School" days!  Plenty of paper and pens for a nice price!

Hop on over to the Munck's Quiver  for a giveaway!  They are giving away a neat journal and some pretty pens!  If you have not had a chance to visit their blog, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and pull up a comfy chair!  I am sure you will be blessed by visiting this family!

Happy Hopping!

Encourage One Another

One of the blogs I like to follow has a linkup on Wednesday for encouraging one another. Today was no exception in following.  I really like what Bambi Moore has posted on Deep Roots at Home.  I try to encourage the moms at church, especially the stay at home moms.  But lately I feel like I am always discouraged.  How thankful I am to come across post that lift me up and remind me that my calling is a noble one.  Thank you Bambi for the encouragement, and thank you Jacqueline for posting Bambi's encouraging words on your blog!


Oh bother!  I can't believe I did not post the last of July's birthdays!  This post should have the date July 28, 2013!!!  So let's pretend!.....

Last of July's Birthdays!

July 28, 2013

Today Daughter #5 turns thirteen!  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday I was having my fourth C-section and seeing what was suppose to be our last child for the first time! 

D#5 is a real blessing!  She is full of life and spunk.  She was born with a club foot and went through a lot to have it corrected.  She would love to be a ballerina but two things prevent it...1) we don't dance;  2) her foot would never be flexible for it.  But that has never stopped her from trying to move like a ballerina!


First July Birthday

Today, Grandson A turns five!  I can hardly believe it!  It was not that long ago that he made his appearance into the world seven weeks early!  He looks just like his daddy when his daddy was younger!  Grandson A knows that Mammi usually has a stick of gum for him!  He brings much love and laughter to our home when he is here!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDSON A! Pawpaw and Mammi love you so much! "Love you with all our hearts and all our *smile*!" XOXO


As I was thinking about this weekend I began to think back over the last seven months of 2013.  I don't know how the year has passed so quickly.  It seems that one day rolls right into another day without hardly seeing the night that falls between.

This year I have celebrated 12 family birthdays, not counting the two this weekend.  I have celebrated the birth of a grandchild and the loss of a friend.  I have celebrated three graduations and two anniversaries; finished our 8th year of educating our nesters at home and a new year ready to begin.  I have had two children and their families move and one nester "taking flight" this weekend.  New cars!, {not for myself or hubby}, but for four of our children and very happy that I do not have a car payment any longer!  I have sent six nesters to two different camps, babysat and made wonderful memories with the grands.

I have read at least a dozen books; considered writing a book but decided "I could never do that".  I h…

ITT Graduation

Saturday was graduation for Son #1.  He, along with Daughter-in-love #1, graduated from ITT Technical Institute with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.

I do not have pictures yet of the graduation.  But hope to have some to post soon!

Congratulations Son and Daughter-in-love #1! We are so happy for you!

Life is Sweet!

Hubby had a deacon's meeting yesterday afternoon.  So the nesters and I dropped him off at church and went to Wal-Mart to finish up the last minute shopping for our three campers who are off to middle camp this week.  Got to have those necessities...snacks!  While heading to the check out, "check out" what we found!

TWINKIES!!!  YES!  Quoting Son #3, "Looking good my fluffy, yellow friend!"  It was one of three boxes left! *smile*  These type of snacks are not a staple in our home, so it is truly a treat when we get them! One of the plants is just a hop, skip and maybe two jumps from Hubby's work!  Although I believe that Twinkie is not out of this plant, only the Gem-mini donuts and Mini muffins are for now!  (Maybe, just maybe the Hostess Thrift Store will make a come back also!) WELCOME BACK HOSTESS!  As for camp snacks, the Twinkies were never part of the shopping list.  It was a special treat for the family and the box made it home with only the wrappers…

Did You Ever Wonder...

...about the natural flavors found in your food and drinks?  I just finished reading an interesting post on a blog and watching a video that was posted.  I{thought} I was making good and wise choices when shopping-yes, I am a label reader!  Boy, I found out I know nothing!  I now have a shopping list of additives that I need to watch out for and avoid!

Hope you find this post as interesting as I did!


I was looking at some pictures the other evening from Daughter #3's graduation in May.  It still is so hard to believe that HALF of our children have graduated!

I have a few pictures from that evening I thought I would share!

Grandson K

The first part of this week I was able to babysit for Grandson K.  His babysitter was sick, sorry for her, YES! for me!  He is such a cutie and love kissing on his sweet little feet!
Not to mention that I loved kissing his red hair!!!!  Oh how I always wanted a red-head! 

Here is a picture of Son and Daughter-in-love #3 with Grandson K.  The picture was taken at her sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Grandson's red hair does not show up well in this picture! *so sad*

Wedding Project

Since late fall of 2012 I have been working on and off for a young bride making some things for her engagement and wedding.  It started with invitations for an engagement party that her mom was giving.  Next came "Save the Date" and now the wedding packets.  Her theme has been peacocks and the main color is brown.  (Her last name is Peacock and she is becoming a Brown!)

I did not take pictures of the engagement party invitation or the Save the Date announcements. But...I did get some pictures of the wedding packets!

June Birthdays Continued

Daughter-in-love #3  celebrates her birthday today!  We are so blessed to have daughter-in-loves that fit perfect into our family!

Happy Birthday Daughter-in-love #3! We hope you have a  terrific day! XO

June Anniversary

Four short years ago today, Son #2 became one with the love of  his life.  It is so hard to believe that these four years have gone by so quickly.  Through this union they have given us a beautiful granddaughter.  What a joy it is to see our offspring in the role of husband and father!  I must say, we are very partial to our daughter-in-love.  I can say that she truly is a daughter!

Happy Anniversary Jason and Ashley! We love you! {yes, they do have REAL names!}

Second of June Birthdays

Today Son # 4 celebrates his twenty third birthday!  This son is the one who keeps us laughing!  He has a very sunny personality and enjoys making people laugh! 

Happy Birthday Son #4! You are such a blessing and we love you so much! Love, Daddy and Momma 

Birthday "Boy" Picture Updated!

Okay, I found a newer picture of my daddy to post for his birthday!  I actually had to "borrow" it from my youngest brother.

AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! WE LOVE YOU! Isn't he so handsome!  I love him so much! 

June Birthday

Today my daddy celebrates his 84th birthday! Not only is he my daddy , but he is Papa to our 14 children and eight grandchildren!  

Wonderful Weekend

Friday and Saturday was the 2013 Indiana Home Educators' Convention.  Hubby and I have been home educating and discipling  our nesters for a total of 16 years.  This is the first convention that we have ever attended.  It was wonderful!  It was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, not far from our home. We went with some very good friends of ours while our nesters babysat their four little ones.

A few highlights of the convention:

It was wonderful to see some of the political leaders of Indiana come and speak at the convention.  What a blessing to know that there are political leaders that recognize that educating children belongs to the parents and are willing to stand in the gap and help us keep this right.  Not to mention a friend of ours, Eric Miller from Advance America who informs and educates the people of Indiana about our state government and issues that are important to us. 

I was able to meet four wonderful, godly ladies that I follow through blogs!  Robin Brookshire who…

Follow Me to a Give Away

I follow A Joyful Chaos blog.  It is owned by Mary Ann Kinsinger, one of the author's of The Adventures of Lily Lapp.  Mary Ann has a give away on her blog.  She grew up Old Order Amish and chronicles her journey from a little Amish girl to the life she lives today, though she is no longer Amish. 

Her give away is about plain buggies.  I love horses, buggies, and learning about what many call the "simple" way of life. 

Click hereto see the give away for yourself!