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Double Birthday Post

Where has the time gone?  Summer had barely started the last time I posted and now here we are at the end of July and summer is fleeting!  It has been a very busy summer.  We have spent time as a family doing what we do best...being a family!  That ranges anywhere from babysitting the grands to just hanging out together!  Some of the nesters have gone a siblings home to spend a few days, others have gone to church camp. 

Today we are celebrating Daughter #5!  She turns 14 today!!!  This is our little miss that was born with a club foot.  Her little toes pointed straight to her little nose.  She spent the first 3 1/2 years of her life seeing a specialist at the children's hospital  She never let her foot slow her down!  She has an amazing outlook on life and is a pure joy to be around!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER #5! WE HOPE YOUR 14th BIRTHDAY IS THE BEST! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!! XOXO LOVE, DADDY AND MOMMA    Yesterday, Grandson A turned six!  We celebrated his birthday on Saturday!  This little…