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Momma Missing Little Momma

Just a few more days and Daughter #1 will be home for a visit with Grandson!  Fort Bragg, NC is too far away!  I am grateful for the time and energy she puts in to be able to come home for short visits.

I am so very thankful for the Grands that I have close to home!  {I love all my babies...children, in-loves, and grands!}

First Day of School

Very busy day!  We started school this morning.  Not just my home educated scholars, but even my college scholar!

Our my morning started at five.  I had the scholars up at six and watched Son #4 leave for work.  Everyone had personal devotions, breakfast and dressed by 6:40!  So they all started school!  This is not unusual for them.  Last year they were up by seven, but this year I moved it to six to give them some time to "lolly-gag" in getting ready.  I will see how this goes and adjust to what is needed.

Daughter #2 started a new year at one of our local colleges.  I get to play taxi driver three days a week, meaning I get to take Hubby to and from work on those days.  This is the one disadvantage to having only one vehicle.  But for now it is all we have and I am very thankful for it!

As you can tell we use video streaming and dvd's for school.  This is our 5th year using the videos.  It has been a huge help and much needed for my health!  By no means don't think t…

End of Summer Vacation

Monday morning, 8 o'clock sharp, we will be back in school!  I am not sure who is more excited, me or the scholars.  Of course that means that I will be up around 5, scholars up at 6, devotions, breakfast, and school started no later than eight!  Lockers are ready, desk/dining room table will be ready, school supplies are distributed!

It also means my "play" time with crafting will be limited to only evenings! *no smile*

Here is a little project that I worked on today with my best friend Bonnie.  It is a recipe card book for a little gal at church who is getting married next month.  I thought it turned out really cute!  (the stamped images are Stampin' Up!, -of course- but the paper is something I had on  hand for quite a while)  I used my Zutter Bind-It-All and finished it with ribbon on hand in my ribbon drawer.

(1) The book measures 4.25" x 5.5"  Label on front I printed on the computer using
      Very Vanilla cardstock and a label punch.
(2) The pages…

114 years

Odd title?  Well, yes it is.  But, today would have been my grandmother's (dad's mom) 114th birthday.  She died one week before her 76th birthday in 1974.  Grandma King was the only grandparent I knew.  Daddy's father died at the age of 48; Daddy was only 11.  Mother's father died eight days before she was born teaching someone to fly an airplane in 1932.  Her mother died 15 years later from cancer.

After taking Daughter #6 for an ortho appointment today, we decided to go to the cemetery to visit Mother's grave.  I know only her old, tired body rest beneath the earth, but sometimes I just need to go and "visit". 

My best friend's brother and mother are buried not even a stones throw from my mom.  Our mothers were born about eight days apart, and their deaths are only seven days apart, though the date are several years different.  So I went to visit/check on my friend's family graves.  The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, and as t…

Happy {Belated} Anniversary

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of Son #3 and his bride!  Life was so busy with a two hour ortho appointment for Son # 4--braces off!!!--and babysitting Granddaughter #1, I did not get a chance to post!  {i know, terrible excuses!}

But I do want to wish the happy couple a happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Daddy and I love you and are very proud of you both!!!

Yet Another Birthday!

Today Son #3 turns 25!   He was always my helper growing up.  Always wanting to help me make the beds, fold laundry, pick up toys...  He learned to pinch pennies while shopping with me.  He was my late night shopping buddy and always made sure my cart was perfectly straight!

Watching his baby sister in the NICU,  he reacted when her monitor went off as she turned blue.  He reached into her bed to adjust her  tiny body to open her airway and stimulate her.  The respiratory therapist told him he had saved his baby sister's life.  That was the start of his dream to be a respiratory therapist!

Son, I am proud of you and hope you have a terrific 25th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Son!
Daddy and I love you!