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Looking Toward a New Year

Where has 2011 gone?  I am sure you have asked the same question.  Well, I am sure it is "gone" just like every year--quickly.  I remember as a child that a year lasted FOREVER! Or so it seemed.  As I got older it seemed to go by quicker.  Now at 47, staring 48 in the face, all I need to do is write the family birthdays on the calendar and WHAM!, we are into the New Year.

So, do you have New Year's resolutions?  Better yet, do you keep your resolutions?  I use to make resolutions just to fall from it within a month, a week, or even a day.  No New Year's resolutions for me.  I know that I will fall short of them.  

Our associate pastor was telling us in church Wednesday evening, he does not make New Year's resolutions.  He wants to do what the Lord would have him to do every day.  The more I thought on that the more I thought, "Isn't that what we should be doing."  What makes a new year so special that we have to wait until January 1 to do something th…

Happy Birthday "Ditter-Do"!

Today is Daughter #1's birthday!  She is 23 years old!  She is expecting her first little bundle in just the next couple of weeks!  Secretly, okay, not such a secret, I am hoping for today--she doesn't want to share her birthday!  (sorry kiddo, secret is out of the bag!) 

"Ditter-Do, here is wishing you a terrific 23rd birthday!  We love you and can't wait for you to have your new little one to hold!"

Son #2 Christmas Picture

Thought I would share a couple of photo's of Son #2 and family.  We received these two pictures as a Christmas present!  We had a wonderful Chilson Christmas!
(Although we were sad to be without two of the grandchildren and Daughter #1 and her hubby.)
Son and Daughter-in-law #2 with Granddaughter #1 This picture was of Granddaughter #1 'spilling' out of a gift box! (she always has her fist in her face!) *********** Here is a picture of Grandson's #1 and #2 with Granddaughter #1

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve.  There will lots of hustle and bustle today.  The children and their families will be here around one this afternoon.  There is still lots of work to be done in the kitchen.  I'm not too worried.  They can't eat until I get it done!

This will be the first Christmas without my mother.  We had my father over for lunch yesterday.  He seemed to have a good time.  That is until we said how much we missed Mom.
That was it, he was ready to go home.  I know he is suffering.  Though he is almost 83, he was one of her main caregivers along with my sister.  My parents were married for fifty-eight years.

Different people have comforted me during these past few weeks.  My sorrow is great, but I
keep most of it hidden. 

I believe my mother is in heaven.  She accepted Christ as her personal Savior many years ago.  She believed that Jesus, God's ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, came to earth as a babe, being God in the flesh, left the throne of Glory to come to earth to save us from…

Happy Birthday Daughter #7!

Today Daughter #7 turns, well...SEVEN!  *smile*  So hard to believe, my baby is SEVEN!
She is the last of my premature babies.  She was born eight weeks early and NO problems following her birth!  Of course she thought she was ready to come at 24 weeks and I spent seven weeks on bed rest.  She weighed a little over 4 pounds.  We still spent close to eight weeks in the NICU, but it was an uneventful stay!

Daughter #7 has asked for a couple of years to have her ears pierced.  I was pretty certain she was not ready for it.  So after explaining how it would be done, I slightly pinched her earlobe so she could feel what it would "feel" like.  That was enough for her she kept putting it off, until recently.  No swaying her, she said she was ready!  So we went to our semi-local "W" store to get her ears pierced for her birthday!  We did it yesterday so she could wake up and already have her birthday gift!

Such a brave litle soul!
Daughter-in-law #2 went with us and snapped t…
Tonight was our church Christmas Cantata.  It was beautiful.  The choir worked hard and I think we were able to be a blessing to some people tonight.  It's always kind of sad when it comes to an end, but next year's cantata is not that far away!!!  {Well, if  you like to plan a bit ahead it's not far away!}  We also had a dessert fellowship afterwards.  It is a lot of work for the kitchen help, but always worth it.  Hubby and I like to watch as people go through the line.  Love watching how everyone interacts with one another.  I think everyone had a good time.

The Pastor's Fellowship that our family helped serve was wonderful!  We had plenty of food and know the partakers of the meal were well fed and did not leave hungry!  I always count it a blessing when our family can help out.  We may not be able to give large sums of money, but we have plenty of hands that can be of help in a number of ways!

At last, this evening, I leave you with a prayer request.  A young lady i…

Bits and Pieces

Life has been a bit busy here at home.  We, or should I say "I", am trying to get back to a normal life since Thanksagiving and Mother's death.  I am having a hard time.  I feel like I am just spinning my wheels.

I have a couple of pictures to share.  Here are three of my grandbabies!  The two young men belong to Son #1 and  the young lady belongs to Son #2.

We kept our granddaughter over night Sunday!  (Son #2 took his wife out for her birthday.)  It has been a couple of years since I have  had to get up for middle of night feedings!!!!  It was worth every bit!  Love my grandbabies!

This is what you get to look forward to if you get your school work done first! (Daughter #4 with Granddaughter #1)
Christmas is right upon us.  We still do not have our tree up or gifts bought.  I know!  I still have one birthday BEFORE Christmas and one to buy for AFTER Christmas. 

Today is a busy day, as if no day is busy in our home.  We are going to church this morning to help serve with a…
I have been following another blog--go figure!  (really, I don't sit and follow  blogs all day!  I have a few fave that I check almost daily, or rather nightly)

I have been following In the Nursery of the Nation.  I have enjoyed this blog--yep, stay at home mom and home schooling mom blog.  Bambi is having a Vision Forum $50 giveaway.
Check it out here.  You might be the lucky one and win.  Wouldn't that be a fun, early Christmas present for yourself?!

When You Do Not Have A Camera With You...

...and you want to share a picture, you "borrow" your best friend's picture!  We had the bestest time at a friend's home for an annual Christmas brunch.   Love you Girls!  What a grand time and wonderful memories!!!!!  Thanks Bonnie!  You're a terrific hostess!

I "grabbed" this photo off one of my children's face book.  There are still 7 grands missing from this picture!  (I think this was taken with a camera on a phone, will see if there one not so blurry!)


Tomorrow is my mom's funeral.  It will be the last time I see her sweet precious face until I reach heaven's shores. 

Tomorrow 31 of her 39 grandchildren will be singing "Victory in Jesus".  (In our family there are no in-laws.  You marry into the family, that's it, you are family.  So out of the 39 grands and great-grands 8 have married into the family!)  The grands were practicing tonight, and I could have sworn that I saw Mom's 'smile' getting bigger.  Okay, maybe not, but if it could have it would have.  Yep, she would be proud.

I know she is not here, but I just have to say it, "I love you, Mommy!"

"A Joyful Chaos"

I have been to one of my favorite blogs!  "A Joyful Chaos" has a fun little give away going on.  It is a Memory card game.  This has some very sweet country scenes on it.  LOVE IT!  Love the memory game, but my nesters are putting me to shame!  Must be I am getting old! 

Why not hop on over to "A Joyful Chaos"  and see what's going on!

My Mother's Gentle Love

My Mother's Gentle Love
by Ron Hamilton
Who puts a band-aid on my knee?
Who holds me close so tenderly?
Who always sees the best in me?
There’s no one like mother.

Who always wipes my tears away?
Who tells me I’ll be great some day?
Who cares in such a gentle way?
There’s no one like mother.

My mother’s gentle love, my mother’s gentle love
Has taught me of God’s tender care, and turned my eyes above.
I’ll bless her all my days for all her gentle ways.
Oh, how I thank my Lord above for my mother’s gentle love.

Today is my mother's viewing, and tomorrow is her funeral.  The song above so much describes my mom.  She loved her four children so very much!  Before she had children, she was a nurse for "special care" babies~~"old" term for NICU.  Once she started having children she gave up her career to stay at home and raise her own babies. Thanks, Mom!

Thank you, Daddy, for allowing Mom to stay at home and raise us four children!