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May Happenings!

It seems since school has been out I am behind on posting.  I have been busy creating transcripts and getting this school year totally closed out.  Our next school year is in place except for the text book order that needs to be placed.

So, let me do a few "catch ups"!

Grandson A graduated from Kindergarten on Friday, May 23!  We were so proud to watch the program put on by his class and watch him walk down the aisle to receive his diploma!  He is a spitting image of his daddy at that age! 

Son #3's family announced they are expecting baby #2 in December!!!!  This is not the "announcing" picture, but the most recent celebrating Grandson K's first birthday!  Love the red hair!  I call him the future "Doctor Who"!

Yesterday, Daughter #1 and Son-in-love celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary! Life is full.  Everyday is a different day, but I would not change my life for anything!  I am truly blessed!  

Final Day and 101 Days to Go

Today is the final day of our 2013/14 school year!We are all ready for a break.  I am ready to have my weekends back without the added work of preparing the next weeks lessons and test and quiz reviews!!!  The scholars are ready to have their weeks back without the extra studies! 

With this school year out of the way I am on the count down for the 2014/15 school year.  This has brought many groans when I remind the scholars how many days of "freedom" they have left!  One hundred-one days until we begin!!!

Life is good!

May Birthday

Today Grandson P, our oldest grand, turns nine!  It has been so much fun being a grandparent!  ALL THE SPOILING, NONE OF THE RESPONSIBILITY!!  Believe it or not, it is the only May birthday we have! 


Family Photo

I am finally getting around to posting our family photos!  This post is quite frustrating!   I am having problems with blogger and getting pictures to stay in place and "try" to list everyone!

Top photo:  Hubby and myself (Paw-Paw and Mammi) with the eight grands::
Grandson K and Grandson E in my arms; Grandson C in Hubby's arms; standing are Grandson P and Grandson A; sittng at the table are Granddaughter J, Grandson B, and Granddaughter A. 

The middle photo is all 28 of us!!!  We are a mega family and sometimes we can be very loud!  But I would not change it for the world!
In this last photo are our children that we have raised or still raising!  
Top row: Son #3, Son #2, me, hubby, Son #4, Son #5, Son #1
Middle row: Son #6, Daughter #1, Daughter #6, Daughter #5, Daughter #2, Daughter #4, Daughter #4
Very front row: Daughter #7, Son #7