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Hello Again!

Ha!  Just finished a card and had a few moments to share it with you!  I have a friend at church who was having a knee replacement surgery today.  Very sweet lady!  She taught my two oldest boys in the second grade when they were in the Christian school many years ago!  (today they are 30 and 31!)  Anyway, I wanted to get a card off the her.

Using Pinterest, I CASE-d this from a card that Lisa Young, Add Ink and Stamp, created using the set from  Sale-A-Bration 2015 called Honeycomb Happiness.  Love the chick!  You can make it almost any baby bird!  I used my Aqua Painter and ink pad to water color the images.  I was out of the water color paper that Stampin' Up! carries so I used what I had on hand.  Not so thrilled with the paper.  I layered it on black and my base is retired cardstock with confetti sprinkles.

This is Daughter #7.  She was studying for a history quiz for tomorrow, but took a second out of her precious study time to pose for a picture!

Hello December!

They say that time flies when your having fun.  While that may be true, I have noticed that time flies even if you are not having fun.  Maybe it is old age....errr....getting older.  In two short months I will be fifty-three!  I do not think that is old, just getting older!

This month seems to be moving along a bit too quickly for me.  Maybe it is because of the amount of things I need to accomplish in so little of a time.  For instance, the family has been wanting to put up the Christmas tree since Thanksgiving.  It just got put up on Friday, the ninth.  Not only was it late getting up, but it is not our usual 7 foot tree.  This year we have a 4 foot tree up on a table.  It has been renamed from our Christmas tree to our "Humble Tree".  Humble indeed.  The base is missing.  Son #4 and I had to create a base for it.  It was firm until the ornaments started going if you tilt your head to the left it looks like you are tilting your head to the left to look at a leaning…

November 2016

Well, the past couple months have brought many things.  Son #5 turned 20 in October.  The twins, Son #6 and Daughter #4, turned 18 this month and hubby turned 60!  In October we sat through tournaments in soccer and volleyball.  Our boys varsity soccer team did not make it to the final game.  But they gave the number one team a run for their money.  Our girls varsity volleyball team are state champs!  They fought hard and it paid off!  I will try to upload some pictures of my sport players another day.  I have to figure out uploading/downloading my pictures from my phone to the computer. 

{while trying to add birthday pictures they ended up in different places!  I so need to take a class on blogging!( for many reasons! )  bear with me for the order in how they appear!}

On a sad note, Daughter #2 moved to Georgia yesterday.  It was one she had been thinking on since August.  I was not surprised when she came home on Wednesday, the 16th, and said she was moving, but it was a shock that sh…

Happy Fall! most favorite season.  Love the cool days with a bit of warm sunshine.  The smell of wet leaves...the feel of dry leaves crunching underfoot. 

This month has been busy.  Each weekend has been filled with a youth or church activity for the teens and will continue to be that way until at least mid-October.  Then I think there is only one Saturday with nothing on the calendar until soccer and volleyball tournaments at the end of the month.

We have celebrated three birthdays this month and our anniversary is the 24th.  Of course with youth activity and a grands birthday party our celebration of 33 years will have to wait until another day!

I have a few pictures of cards to share...

(all cards were made using Stampin' Up! products!)

That is all for now!  I know I have some more pictures to share, but that will need to wait for another day.  Hope the first day of autumn is wonderful for you!

The Seasons of Life

As summer is quickly coming to a close, it has brought a new season to my life.  I have been a full-time home educating mom for the last 16 years with three years of home education several years before that.  As of today, my home educating hat is put on the rack.  There may be a time in the future it is needed, but for now it is on the rack. 

Today, our last six scholars went off to school with Hubby.  Today is the first day of school at the Christian school where Hubby is teaching full-time.  This is the first time they will be schooling where home is not the classroom for academics.  (it remains the classroom for many other things!)

This day brings mixed emotions.  We knew there would be a day when Hubby stepped back into full-time Christian education.  I have prepared myself for this.  I already shed many silent tears before this day.  But I know that a door of opportunity of serving is just ahead.  God has prepared this moment for me, now I wait to see His plan unfold. 

This day…

July 2016 Happenings

We  are just a little less than two weeks from starting school.  There is still so much to get done, but I think I may have the problem worked out to getting some promised pictures posted!

I will save family happenings for another time, but wanted to share some cards!

I think I may have shared this one of Son #7 birthday. Grandson E recently had a fish that died.  He was a little upset, so I made him a sympathy card. I love this jars set!!!!  One of my favorites!
This card was made for a man who is in a nursing home. This card and the one below were an idea that I had seen on a blog header.  I knew I did not have the set, so I went searching through retired sets to create one that was similar.
This was for a friend at church. This uses a new set from Stampin' Up! in the new catalog. The sentiment is a retired hostess set.  I used it for my card ministry this month. I thought it was fitting for the season.  Father's Day Card.  The boots and hat are a retired set, but one of my…


Well, my intentions were to post some pictures of some cards I have recently made and a couple of crochet projects that Daughter #6 and I have been working on.  However....I can NOT figure out the new windows!!!  All of the computers have updated to the newest windows except my original Dell that I got in 2007.  By far that has been my favorite computer except it is so slow!  Probably eaten up on the inside with a bug or something!  Even though there are a couple of keys missing, I know the keyboard, the feel of the keys, and where to find things!!

Life on the homestead is good.  Family home from camp; laundry, suitcases are all put away; attitudes are back to normal...meaning they finally got caught up on sleep!  That took a few days!  Our garden is growing.  I have enjoyed making homemade basil pesto!  Its hot, but not unbearable.  Family is loving the homemade yogurt.  I need to get back to making my granola.  Kiddos learned how an auction works.  They even got a few things they we…

Life on the Homestead

Life is keeping us busy.  We have had grans over, a couple family dinners, running teens to friends homes or a church activity. We are helping out a family friend who fell and broke a wrist. Now summer is in full swing and warm and humid!  The air conditioner has been doing its best to keep the home comfortable.

Next week our school age kiddos will be leaving for church camp.   That leaves us with the three adult children who still live at home.  This will be a first for us!

This week we have welcomed two, new to us, vehicles and next week two new licensed drivers....

Well.....I have been trying to get some pictures to upload but am not succeeding! Eeerrrrrr!  I will try again later, when I am not so frustrated!  I will try to keep calm and carry on! ;)
Just a quick post to show a card I created.  I have not had much inspiration floating out of my head lately.  Actually, creating ANYTHING had been a major challenge.

I made this card for a friend I have not seen at church recently.  It combines retired and current SU products.  It felt good to put the old gray matter to some creative use!

Hello Again!

I tell you, life is so busy!  We have had revival at church for the last six evenings and the church 60th anniversary.  School is finally down to the last 7 days of instruction and 3 test days!!  I don't know if I should jump for joy, let out a big sigh, or cry.  Cry????  Yes, cry.  I like things to stay the same.  I am the one who cries as an old year passes and a new one comes in.  Cry when someone in the family has a birthday.  Oh well.....

Yay!!!!  Pictures to share of cards!!!!!!!  I had these on my phone.  I am not a "techy" person.  So getting these here has been a major accomplishment!

This one is using a retired set from SU!   I love this set!  Daughter-in-love #2 asked if I would make her a card for  her a card for a baby shower.
This card was created using the new Numbers of Years and Large Numbers Framelits Dies from SU.  As soon as I saw this set in the catalog I knew I had to have it! The front of this is a CASE from Pinterest.   I created this card for a frie…

Hello Again!

Well, I am back after not blogging for a long time!  I have had computer issues.  Not sure what was/is going on with our computers.  We are doing great if we get through school with no problems.  But every time I would try to blog and load pictures the computer would freeze.  However, I have a new-to-me laptop. *thank you friend!*  I am learning my way around a new keyboard and trying to keep my wrist off the mouse pad.  I keep changing the size of my screen!!!  Oh well, it will all be good more I use it.  (not even sure that is proper grammar!)

We are on spring break.  One week is too short, two weeks would be too much.  But who wants to start school in the middle of the week?  Not me.

I will try to do better at posting.  I have pictures to share, stories to share, etc.  Life is good.  Never the same, but always good.