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It's Here!

The new school year!!!  I bet I walked ten miles today going up and down the stairs, and from scholar to scholar!  I thought I had vertigo for a bit, then I realized I was just a bit dizzy from going around the table, and around the table, and around the table... 

We have five scholars upstairs in my dining room, which is where we do almost everything, and three scholars in the downstairs livingroom, that I rarely ever get to enjoy!  {long story for another day}  Our dining room table is just shy of twelve feet, not long enough, and about four feet wide.  By the time we get our materials out and video/laptops we end up with four at the table.  I know, "four at a big table?", but this is one time that the nesters can claim a space and not share.  We tried to put six at the table it was "Too Close for Comfort"!  {you should have seen my Stampin' Up! workshop with 14 adult women at my table!  good thing we were all friends, it was a sight for sure!}

I think I survi…

A New School Year

Tomorrow starts our official school year for our nesters.  We are back down to only eight scholars.  We have had a very nice summer break, and it is time to get back to the books!  Our original start date was the twenty-second, but I was seeing some signs of we moved the date!  Daughter #3 started school last Monday, and I had Daughter #7 start on Thursday.  {the nesters have been fighting a virus and D #7 was the tail end of it, so I had her start on Thursday knowing that she would not feel like schooling on Monday and Tuesday...guess what?, I was right!  She has not felt well all day!}

Home educating is a big undertaking, but when you add eight scholars in seven different grades, it can quickly become overwhelming!  The lockers have been ready for some time.  Some of our material has been revised so we had to pull the "out dated" and replace with current.  I should have taken a picture of before and after sorting the materials.  AHHHHHH!!   We pulled boxes from…

Following "A Joyful Chaos"

I enjoy following A Joyful Chaos.  It is one of the first three blogs that I check daily. She is a give away of a book, Simon & Susie Stories by David Wagler.  I would love to read this, so I hope I am the lucky winner! 

You might want to mosey on over and start reading her blog.  Her life is very interesting.  And if you know me, you will understand why I love following her!
Feel free to leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win also!   Just click on her icon on my side bar!

Happy following!


Oh what a migraine will do to you!!!  I woke up with a terrible headache Saturday morning that turned into a nasty migraine!  Guess what I forgot to post?

Son #3 turned 24 on Saturday the 6th!  Sorry Son!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON #3!! {a little belated!} I love you! 

Father/Son Bonding

Since the older nesters were gone to camp last week, Hubby had a chance to teach Son #7 how to mow the lawn.  As you can see, we do not have a very big yard at all.  But that did not matter to Son #7.  He had a morning of bonding with Dad and was pretty pround of himself for being 'one of the big guys'!

Notebook and Cards

I have a ladies conference to go to Friday and Saturday.  I decided to make a notebook and a dozen cards, six of each, for the speaker. 

The cards were made using Very Vanilla, from Stampin' Up!, as the card base.  The designer paper is from K & Company.  The clock face, from Sense of Time retired set, was stamped on Very Vanilla with Soft Suede ink, with the vine from Vintage Vogue. I layered it on Early Espresso cardstock that was cut using the the large scallop die cut.(all SU! product) The papers were sponged with Soft Suede ink.  The first card I used "friend" from You're a Gem.(SU!) The second card I use the punch Petite Pennants Builder, (SU!) but cut the scallop off the large pennant.  I also cut the 'second hand' round face out and popped it up.

For the notebook I used a compostion notebook with First Edition Specialty designer paper, (SU!) on top of retired cardstock from SU! I then used designer paper from K & Company for "wallpaper&quo…

What I have Learned from Camp

It is amazing that you are never too old to learn anything!  Yep!  Forty-seven years old and I have learned so much this week.  And to think, all I had to do was send children to church camp to learn!!!!

So, here are a few things I have learned so far::

1.  I can wash ALL the dishes by hand and not spend forever at the sink doing it!
     (dish washer has not been used since Sunday night)
2.  A double roll of toilet paper can last ALMOST three days!
3.  We're really not very hungry!  (snacks are  almost non-existent)
4.  Who's fighting????
5.  A gallon of tea is WAY too much!
6.  Mmmm...what is sugar?
7.  Coffee creamer last a LONG time!
8.  A gallon of milk can last for more than one day! (we are on day three!)
9.  We can eat at Denny's and not take out a loan!
10.  Laundry does not multiply like rabbits!
11.  I can STAMP, I can STAMP, I can STAMP!  
12.  My house is so much cooler! (I'm talking about the temp!)

Now, those are all really negatives!  I miss my little crew!  I'd c…

It's Official..

...the campers are gone and I am down to three in my nest until Friday.  Ummm...I'm NOT liking it!  I kept the tears in check until now.  What is wrong with me!!!  I'm letting my at home nesters have cookies for breakfast!!!!  How did that happen???  Gotta pull this girl together! 

{deep breath, smile}  I'm going to be fine.  I will busy myself with the three at home and get things ready for school!!  {BIG SMILE!!}  I have my last set of school books for the scholars coming today!!!!!!