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Kindergarten is Over...

...forever in the Chilson house!  Yes, our last kindergarten scholar "graduated" {at home, of course} Thursday morning, 28 of April.  She was so excited, and Momma cried.

The Graduate!
Okay, so the gown is a little big for a six year old.  Well, Big Sister, Daughter #2, graduates on May 17th, so the gown is getting double duty!  {don't you think it was sweet for the Big Sister to let Littlest Sister wear her gown, mortarboard andtassel before she gets a chance?}
Diploma Awarded
Mom (Teacher/Principal) and Graduate
Dad (Administrator) and Graduate
Officially Graduated!!
Kindergarten is a BIG accomplishment!  She can read; write in cursive; add and subtract.  She memorized scripture and poems, and is ready for first grade!
"Daughter #7...Congratulations on your big day!  Daddy and I are so proud of you!  We love you!"

Keeping Up

Keeping up with the blogging lately has been a bit of a chore.  Not because I don't want to, but life gets in the way! 

The days are getting warmer, though the nights are still a bit chilly.  It makes me want to spring clean.  School will be finished in one month and I will be able to tackle some of the things then.  Right now I am doing good to keep up on the day to day. 

It has been hard to keep the younger scholars interest in school with the sun is shining.  They are ready to be out and about.  Our poor yard has suffered with the drought we had last summer.  And the dog we adopted that our second son found has not helped the matter any!  Then add the little feet on it!  I keep telling myself, "it's only grass", but that has not brought any comfort! :)  Actually it looks more like islands of grass in a sea of dirt!  {I miss my grass}

Well, Hubby is home from work.  I have 7 out of 9 children in bed.  I going to spend a few minutes with him before turning in myself.…

Following "A Joyful Chaos"

I have been following a blog called "A Joyful Chaos" at  It has been a blessing and interesting to read about her former Amish life.  I know many are curious about what some call the "simple" life.  This would be a good place to "park" and read.  By the way, if you hurry, you can have a chance to enter for a "give away" of FRESH maple syrup!!!  Just click on the link above!  {you probably already knew that!}

Thank you "Joyful" for sharing your heart and life with us!!!

Just Wondering...

Have you ever had one of those days, or several days, where whatever you say or do is wrong? (or at least it seems that way)  That is how it has been with me.  It could be a simple sentence or an answer, and it is like a tether ball, it swings around the pole and hits you in the face!  Don't even try to defend what you were saying or not saying, it just makes it worse. gets you thinking, "stinkin' thinkin'" as some would call it, that maybe you are the biggest goof on the face of the planet! 

Just wondering if it has ever happened to you, or if I am the only one.

{Big Sigh---}

Ever had one of those?  You know, where you think the weight of the world rests on your shoulders?  Aren't you glad it does not?  Aren't you glad that we have THE God, that IS that BIG, to carry that weight?

We are adjusting to Hubby being back at work.  Things are not too different than before.  Just a little different routine.  Our days pass quickly, too quickly most times. 

Daughter #2 is in Florida visiting Pensacola Christian College.  She is planning to attend there in the fall, majoring in nursing.  She is excited, very excited actually.  Ready to fly and "get on with life".  This does not make me unhappy.  I am ready for  her to fly and become what God has intended for her become.  Okay, she really won't be "on her own".  She will be well cared for within the college, learning over the next four years, before she will actually "fly" on her own.
I pray that all she has been taught, from the cradle forward, will stay with her and help her …