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"When I Grow Up..."

In my last post I shared a penmanship assignment from Daughter #7 about what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She had to finish it yesterday, so I thought I would share the last part of the assignment.  Keep in mind she is 8 and in the second grade.  I am putting the two parts together in two different colors for the separate assignments.  I have kept the spelling errors for your enjoyment, but being the teacher I did correct her paper! 

"When I grow up I whant to be a mom. Becaus so I can take care of children. I might even whant one or two children! I just whant to be a mom!"

"First I practice whith my Bitty baby.  If God wants me to be a mommy I will be a mommy.  I would just love to be a mommy!"

Things That Make This Momma Proud

Sometimes in my life I wonder if I have really made a difference in my children's lives.  I had a mother that gave up a nursing career to raise her babies.  She never regretted becoming a stay-at-home-mom even when money was tight.  So it never really came to my mind to be anything but a SAHM. 

I had a couple of jobs as a teen.  For a very short time I was a waitress and worked at Arby's.  My "income" was mainly babysitting.  I had a full tuition scholarship to a Christian college in Florida, but never was really interested in becoming a graduate with a degree in anything but an MRS degree.  After a semester I packed up and came home to be a stay-at-home-daughter.  I babysat at home full-time for less than a year.  The the lady I babysat for decided to become a SAHM.  A short time later I became engaged.  You can probably guess the rest of the story...I got married, had babies--lots of babies--and lived happily ever after, right?  Well, the happily ever after part wo…

Newest Grandbaby

The newest member to join the Chilson Family! Grandson K  April 21, 2013 8 pounds 14 ounces 21 1/4 inches long Proud parents for the very first time are Son #3 and Daughter-in-love #3 EDIT NOTED: This page was edited on 12/31/13 with names and photo removed.  It was brought to my attention by a DIL. Originally I had given names ONLY because full names are used on their Facebook page. Forgive me for being "stupid". Excited to have a new little one to love on and watch become a personality all his own!

Birth-Day and Birthday

Today is a very special day! Today my precious mother would have been 81 and we have a new grandbaby.  Son #3 and daughter-in-love #3 had their first baby!  Unfortunately I cannot reveal anything until they tell out of town family!  I will post later about my newest grand!

Follow Me to a Give Away!

The Munck Family is having a giveaway!  This giveaway is for an audio set and guide for one of the Jonathan Park series.  Looks like a great set for the summer months when you find the nesters are tired and need a break or while traveling.  So why not check out this giveaway and maybe read some past blogs of the Muncks.  They have been a blessing to me and I sure you will feel the same!


In a previouspost I had mentioned some steps that I have taken toward scheduling the family in all our daily activies.  It has been wonderful so far and I expect it will be more than wonderful when I can completely finish it .

Daughter #7 has a class in document processing.  She had a couple of paragraphs that focused on time.  As I was grading her timed writing I could not help but chuckle how it is no accident that our scheduling and the paragraphs come together.  It will be part of the focus as I finish the schedule.  I also thought it was worth sharing.  

(This was taken from our school text, "Keyboarding and Document Processing-Second Edition", published by A Beka Book, in Pensacola, Florida, page 295.)

Time is an important resource God has given each of us.  It cannot be bought, sold, borrowed, lent, saved, multiplied, or manufactured; it can only be spent.  Unused portions of time disappear and can never be regained.  Every day each of us receive twenty-four hours of tim…

Titanic 101st Anniversary

Our family loves history!  So it did not escape the attention of some of our nesters of the Titanic Anniversary.  I noticed on one of the author of a blog I recently came across is having a giveaway with a wonderful paper doll set for children.  The set is designed by two young ladies,Breezy and Emily Rose, who have such an amazing talent! (You should check out their blogs, just click on their names.)  This set is not just dolls, but filled with facts about the families who were on board.

Hop on over to Deep Roots at Home and have a look-see for yourself!  I am sure you will be amazed!


I have a few pictures to share of some recent happenings at our home.

Here is the card I created for Granddaughter A's 5th birthday.  I added some bling to a couple of the dots AFTER I took this picture!  I love this set, it is a Stampin' Up set and the can be used in a couple of different ways.  For Valentine's Day I used this same set to make a crown.  (forgot to take a picture!) 

Last Saturday we had all five grandsons!  I guess it was a grandson weekend!  I was busy snapping photos but forgot to get one of all five together!   
I mentioned in a previous post (here)about feeling overwhelmed in almost every area of life. Here is something I have been working on with making a schedule for our family.  This is a master schedule piecing together the days activities.  I will post more about this when I have more time to explain.  I can say that it has been wonderful for the nesters, as they have been able to see where they have been "wasting" time that could have b…

Happy Birthday to...

...Son #2!  Today is Son's 27th birthday!  It is so hard to believe that 27 years have passed since he came into the world.  It really only seems like yesterday.  It is a real joy to see all that he has accomplished.  It is even more of a joy to see him enjoying his own little offspring! 

Happy 27th Birthday Son! Momma and Daddy love you and are very proud of you! XOXO 

Happy Birthday!

Today marks a big day for Granddaughter A.  She in now officially five!  Being five seems to be a very big deal, as Grandson B has declared himself five also-although he will only be three in June!