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Another Birthday!

Today is Daughter #5's twelth birthday.  She is our little one that was born with a club foot.  We used the Ponseti Method to correct her foot.  It is a series of castings to correct the foot without having major surgeries.  We started castings when she was six days old.  The results were amazing. It was heart wrenching for this momma to watch as they manipulated her foot.  They forgot to tell me to bring a bottle to feed her while they worked on her to keep her calm.  Kind of hard to do with a nursing babe!  Plus, she wanted nothing to do with the bottle!  I ended up using the Suplemental Nursing System, SNS, attatched to my finger to feed her!  It worked!  The doctor was so impressed he said he was going to suggest it to his other moms who were nursing!  

We are very grateful to God for the doctor who we had that was so awesome during the three years of correction!  (She had a few other things that needed to be corrected because of her foot.)  Her foot and leg have some weakness…

Grandson #2 Turns 4

Today our second grandson turns four!  Where does the time go? He came into the world about six weeks early and did wonderful. He is full of energy and keeps us laughing!
Happy 4th birthday Grandson #2! Mammi and Pawpaw love you so much!!!! XOXOXO


Only six days into the month and it feels like its been forever!  Of course the extreme heat and heat index has not helped!  We have central air, but cannot get our temp to go lower than 82 degrees, that is with the unit set on 70 and fans running!  Here is a quick re-cap of the month::

1st~~Daughter #1, Son-in-law #1 and Grandson meet us at church a few minutes after nine to say goodbye.  It was so sad!  Goodbyes in our home take a few minutes, even if you are going to the grocery.  You know, gotta hug and kiss them all, some need it twice!  Now...when you are going to be gone for a LONG time, goodbyes take even longer!  I heard we had some of the church members in tears as they watched us in the parking lot!  (why does it still hurt to think about it?)

2nd~~Decided to remove 2011/12 school material from "lockers" and get the new ones in!  AHHHH!!!!!  I ended up in tears after about 4 1/2 to 5 hours!  I only did 4 out of 8 lockers!  It is such a big job!  Gotta make sure you …