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November 2016

Well, the past couple months have brought many things.  Son #5 turned 20 in October.  The twins, Son #6 and Daughter #4, turned 18 this month and hubby turned 60!  In October we sat through tournaments in soccer and volleyball.  Our boys varsity soccer team did not make it to the final game.  But they gave the number one team a run for their money.  Our girls varsity volleyball team are state champs!  They fought hard and it paid off!  I will try to upload some pictures of my sport players another day.  I have to figure out uploading/downloading my pictures from my phone to the computer. 

{while trying to add birthday pictures they ended up in different places!  I so need to take a class on blogging!( for many reasons! )  bear with me for the order in how they appear!}

On a sad note, Daughter #2 moved to Georgia yesterday.  It was one she had been thinking on since August.  I was not surprised when she came home on Wednesday, the 16th, and said she was moving, but it was a shock that sh…