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Follow Me to a Give Away

I follow A Joyful Chaos blog.  It is owned by Mary Ann Kinsinger, one of the author's of The Adventures of Lily Lapp.  Mary Ann has a give away on her blog.  She grew up Old Order Amish and chronicles her journey from a little Amish girl to the life she lives today, though she is no longer Amish. 

Her give away is about plain buggies.  I love horses, buggies, and learning about what many call the "simple" way of life. 

Click hereto see the give away for yourself!

Surgery and Happy Anniversary

Yesterday afternoon Grandson E had a minor surgery at our local children's hospital to remove a cyst on his forehead near his left eye.  He did great, but it was bigger and deeper than the surgeon first thought.  He will have a nice little scar once he has healed completely.  I told him just to tell every that he and Huckleberry Finn were trying to save the Widow Douglas from her run away buggy!  Okay, at 16 months of age has no idea who Huckleberry Finn is let alone the Widow Douglas; nor that he is "playing" the role of Tom Sawyer.  Love the classics!  (I don't remember the Widow Douglas ever having a run away buggy either!) 

Today Daughter #1 and Son-in-love #1 celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary.  We got the privilege of babysitting Grandson E while they celebrated at PF Changs.

Happy Anniversay Meggie and Matt! Daddy and I love you!

She Did It and So Did We

Graduation is finished!  Tuesday evening Daughter #3 graduated and did a wonderful job.  I cried!  Our graduates are required to give a speech.  This is very hard on some of them, especially if they are not one who like to get up in public and speak.  And Daughter #3 is one of "them".  But she did great!  I knew she was nervous, but you could not tell by the way she spoke and poised herself!  Today we celebrate again with her open house, then over to Son #2's home for a cookout!

Yesterday was our last day of school!  Yes!  All exams are finished and graded!  Everyone was promoted to the next grade!  So next year we will have only 7 scholars in school.
Grades 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, two in 9th, and 11th!  Half-way!!!!!  Yesterday I put all of the second semester of quiz and test reviews into storage and put in place the first semester of the next school year!  It is a very big job and takes a few hours so it organized!


It's Almost Here!

Tomorrow night is the graduation ceremony for Daughter #3!  She is so excited and we could not be happier for her!  She is very nervous about giving a speech and has tried to get out of doing it! *smile*  I am sure she will do fine!  Now, if I can get through the ceremony without crying!!!!!

It has been a busy day with finals and studying for finals with rest of the scholars!  I am so tired that I just could sit and cry!  I am sure rest of the week will be the same with making sure the everything is ready for Daughter #3's open house on Saturday and then going over to Son #2's home for a family cookout!  The open house and cook out are very simple but the stress in just getting to that point is a bit overwhelming right now.

So, happy thoughts for tomorrow!  Only 7 more scholars and 10 years to go!  

Great-Granpa Meets Newest Great-Grandson

Saturday at Grandson P's surprise birthday, my father was able to greet his youngest great-grand, Grandson K!  It was so sweet.   He has so many grands and great-grands that he had a hard time remembering who was who! 

Yesterday my daddy fell and broke is hip.  He will be 84 in June.  He is having a partial hip replacement today at 4:30 pm.  I am trusting that he will be up and "around" without much difficulty in the near future. 

"Odd" thing about his fall...yesterday during my devotions and prayer time I spent a little extra time praying for him.  I felt concerned about him falling and breaking his hip.  "Odd"?
Not really.  I am certain that the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray knowing that Daddy would need the extra prayer.

What a great God we serve!   

May Birthday

Our oldest grandson turns eight today!  Son and Daughter-in-love #1 had a surprise birthday party for him at our home on Saturday!  He was so excited!