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Follow Me to a Giveaway!

I think it is wonderful to be able to find natural products in the everyday products we use.  I wish I had been more informed as a young wife and mother with natural products.  I can not change the past, but I can make better choices now and for the future.

Jacqueline, from Deep Roots at Home, has another great give away!  If you are not already a follower, why not pop over to her blog for a great summer giveaway of herbal healing salves.  She is a joy to follow and always full of wonderful information!  I always come away from her blog feeling blessed!

Our Final June Celebration

Today we are celebrating Grandson B's fourth birthday!  Yay!!!  He has become quite the little man!


Still Celebrating in June

One thing about having a large family there is always something or someone to celebrate!  Some months there is more celebrating than others.  I have always tried to post the celebration on the special day, but I am finding that I am stressing myself getting that done.  So, I figured it was time to play Elsa and "Let It Go". *smile*  (besides, believe it or not I only have one or two offspring who read my blog!)

So the celebrations for this post:

1) Son #2 and Daughter-in-love #2 celebrated five years of marriage on June 20!

HAPPY ANNIVERSAY! DADDY AND I PRAY THE NEXT FIVE YEARS ARE EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST FIVE! XO 2) Daughter-in-love #3 celebrated her birthday on June 21! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! DADDY AND I TRUST YOUR DAY WAS AS SWEET AS YOU! XO There is one more June celebration to come...stay tuned! 

Father's Day and Birthday

It is always neat when a birthday and a "Hallmark" day fall on the same day.  That is just what happened yesterday, 15th of June! 

First of all I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Son #4.  Yesterday Son #4 turned twenty-four!  He is so fun to be around.  The family loves it when he stops in for a visit.  There is never a dull moment with him!  He is so kind to listen to all the chatter of the younger set of nesters as they tell him all the news they have been saving up to share.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! DADDY AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND ARE VERY PROUD OF ALL YOU DO! XOXO LOVE~  MOMMA Second, a Happy Father's Day to my daddy and my hubby!  Both men have been great examples as earthly fathers representing our Heavenly Father.  I could not have asked for a better father to raise and guide me, nor a better man for a husband and as my children's father! God is so good! 


The handsome man in the middle is my daddy.  On June 14, he celebrated his 85th birthday.  I thought this picture was appropriate since June 14 is also Flag Day.  The above photo was taken on Labor Day 2013.  My daddy presented to me the last Spanish Flag that flew over the Intenden Palace at San Juan, which was then the Capitol Building of Puerto Rico.  My brother was presented the American flag which my great-grandfather raised on the same building on October 18, 1898.  My great-grandfather was given the distinguished honor of raising the first American flag over the Capitol Building at San Juan. I had known from the time I was a small child of about 5 years old that I would one day inherit the Spanish flag and my brother would inherit the American flag, since we were the two oldest children in the family.  It was a great honor to receive a piece of history.  Both my brother and I were move to tears.  It was an honor for my daddy to present us with a piece of history and give up some…

June, Flying By

June is quickly slipping away!  To my shame I have been very poor in keeping up with my blog.  It seems like one thing leads to another and before you know it time has flown by.

Okay, so on a happier and brighter side of things...God is so good!  Daily He gives us only what we can handle and need.  For that I am thankful.  Some days it seems that I am drowning in the little things He has given me.  But as a child of His "I can do all things through Christ".  Even through the lonely and very hurtful days He is there.  

"Every day He comes to me with new assurance, More and more I understand His words of love; But I'll never know just why He came to save me, Till some day I see His blessed face above.  No one ever cared for me like Jesus, There's no other friend so kind as He; No one else could take the sin and darkness from me--Oh how much He cared for me."

June 14 my daddy turned eighty-five!  Oh, that deserves a post for itself!  So let me end THIS post with.…

Blog Hop for a Great Giveaway

Have you ever thought of replacing white sugar or one of the artificial sweeteners with something that is better for you?  I know I have.  Artificial sweeteners leave me with a migraine and according to different things I have read white sugar is not healthy for you. 

Jacqueline, from Deep Roots at Home, is offering a give away of one-half pound of cut and dried Stevia herb from the Bulk Herb Store.Why not hop over to Jacqueline's blog and read her post about the giveaway.  Not only will you find out how you can have a chance to win, you can read her amazing post of making a stevia extract for yourself.  

While visiting Jacqueline's blog take a moment and read some of her recent post.  This dear, sweet woman is amazing.  She truly loves the Lord Jesus and His love pours from her.  I know you will not be disappointed popping in for a visit.  You will come away uplifted and refreshed.