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{Big Sigh---}

Ever had one of those?  You know, where you think the weight of the world rests on your shoulders?  Aren't you glad it does not?  Aren't you glad that we have THE God, that IS that BIG, to carry that weight?

We are adjusting to Hubby being back at work.  Things are not too different than before.  Just a little different routine.  Our days pass quickly, too quickly most times. 

Daughter #2 is in Florida visiting Pensacola Christian College.  She is planning to attend there in the fall, majoring in nursing.  She is excited, very excited actually.  Ready to fly and "get on with life".  This does not make me unhappy.  I am ready for  her to fly and become what God has intended for her become.  Okay, she really won't be "on her own".  She will be well cared for within the college, learning over the next four years, before she will actually "fly" on her own.
I pray that all she has been taught, from the cradle forward, will stay with her and help her become the woman God has in His plan for her

School is ALMOST finished!  Our kindergarten-er has only 19 school day left, and the other "nesters" have thirty!  We are all ready for a break.  I am ready to be Mom, not school teacher for a few months. 

The house is quite, with the exception of the humming of the heater, icebox and the ticking of the school room clock.  Hubby has gone to get four teens from church.  They have a youth rally once a month, September-May, with other churches of like faith.  The younger ones are in bed sound asleep.  Too quiet.  Way too quiet.  No, I prefer noise.  The sound of little feet, and big ones too, running walking through the house, laughter, good nature ribbing.  You know, sounds of HOME!  Hurry home, Honey!  Need to hear the feet of those teens walking around on the creaking floor, opening and shutting the icebox, looking for a snack.


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My Mother's Gentle Love
by Ron Hamilton
Who puts a band-aid on my knee?
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