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Just a Thought, Again! {edited}

Daughter #2 told me about a couple of comments made on Facebook about some "children's books".  You may have heard them, Tarzan running around half naked, Cinderella comes home at mid-night, Pinnochio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with seven guys, "We shouldn't be surprised when kids misbehave, they get it from their story books."

Here was her reply to one of them:

"Tarzan saves the primate families

Cinderella learned how to cook, clean, sew, serve, etc. (and in the sequels, she doesn't desert her family even though she's married to Prince Charming. She knows that family is so important, not matter what...
KIND of family you have.)

Pinocchio learned his lesson (albeit the hard way; but that's what parents want: for kids to learn their lesson, even if it's the hard way, as much as it breaks their heart)

Aladdin stopped stealing and ended up saving Jasmine's life.

Batman (an adult as well) is a philanthropic hero who lost his parents in a shooting at a young age

Sleeping Beauty (who is technically an old grandma at the time of her kiss) worked and cleaned and baked and looked for food while under the care of her *fairy* godmothers

and Snow White who was beautiful and had a pure soul (though there is no excuse for her living with 7 men, although they DID protect her from the evil queen) cooks and cleans and cares for them, plus, she even warms Grumpy's heart : )

But I'll tell you whats REALLY messed up: in the original story, Rapunzel's mother wants these mushrooms that the witch has, so the king (her father) steals the 'shrooms for his wife. The witch finds out and demands a payment, upon which her own MOTHER gives the witch Rapunzel!! CRAZY!!"

Since I do not have a Facebook I will have to "pen" my thoughts here, on my blog!

While Daughter #2's reply was very well thought out, the comment on 'children misbehaving' is my thought.

Don't blame the story book, don't blame the author of the books, blame yourself.  You, the parent, has the right to control what your child is reading, EVEN if it is in school.  Step up to the plate and take responsibility.  You can take control and teach your child right.

And the part about Rapunzel, I rather watch the Disney version than the original story.  Disney did a much better job!!!!

{this is the reason I don't have a facebook, i would have many enemies!!!}

~I would not anyone think that I am pointing a finger at the person Daughter #2 found the comment about the story book characters.  As I said, it was on a couple of 'walls' and has probably been around for a while.  My comment was in is so easy to put the blame elsewhere instead of where it belongs.  If I have offended anyone, please accept my apologies.~


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