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{Big Sigh!}

It's that time of year camp.  Our three oldest teens went to camp the middle of July, and tomorrow is Jr. Camp.  We have four campers going and two teens going as grounds keeper and counselor.  That means six nesters gone, three at home. 

Thursday on of the teens started to not feel well, so we were on 'pins and needles' waiting out to see if she would get better.  She did...but one of our campers, Daughter #5, started running a fever yesterday morning.  She has not had a fever since this morning, but I am still not totally sure she will be able to go until tomorrow.  The three girls going as campers, Daughter #4, #5, #6, were going to spend the night at pastor's home with their daughter tonight and meet Hubby at church tomorrow with luggage and rest of the siblings that are going to camp.  Poor D #5, she was disappointed that she had to miss the sleep over.  But I want to make sure she is healthy enough for camp. {nothing worse than being sick and away from home!} 

I love my family at home and not off here and there.  But I am not one of these mommy's that follow my child to camp or wherever.  Yes, my heart is sad that they are leaving, and I even had tears in my eyes as the family left for church this evening.  D #4 and #6 will not be home tonight for prayers, hugs and kisses.  The pastor's wife will be tucking them into bed tonight.  I won't see them until they return from camp on Friday afternoon. 

Tomorrow four more nesters will leave me at home with tears in my eyes.  Hubby works only one mile from the church and has to be at work a half-hour after they leave, so no need for me to go and burn extra gas .  But I will be fine.  I have faith in our pastor and the staff going to camp that I don't have to worry about my nesters.  Life is all about changing and growing.  Growing is not just for the kiddos, we as parents grow into a new life as the children grow into theirs.  I didn't say I was not going to miss them, I will miss them so much!  I will be going from nine children to THREE!  What will I do for entertainment?


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