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Time Flies...

Well, I guess it has been a 'few' days since I have posted.  My days have filled with being wife, mommy, teacher, taxi driver, problem solver, seamstress, activities director, etc.  There are not enough hours in the day to get done what needs to be done.  I find myself often saying I need 48 hours to get done what I need to do in 24 hours!  Hmm...then it hit me today, I am not content!!!  

In Philippians 4:11, Paul talks about being content.  The second part of the verse reads. "...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."  I guess I have not learned to be content!  I want to be content, sometimes I think I am, but it is hard!

My days are spent serving others...yes, I know, as a child of God, follower of Christ that is what I am to do.  J.O.Y.  J=Jesus--He is first, O=Others--family, friends, Y=You (well, me).
No surprise in serving when being a wife and mommy.  But, there is very little time left for what I want to know, create something, stamp some cards, play on the computer, sew something without putting it off and having to be on a deadline.  (oh, that all sounds so selfish!)

The time of my life right now is busy.  Eight scholars in school means this week I have 80 quizzes and test to administer, grade and record.  I will spend eight and one-half hours playing taxi-driver this week, driving about 240 miles.  I still need to go grocery shopping!

I have reviewed my days, and honestly, there is very little waste time in it.  So, since I cannot change anything I will learn (again) to roll with the punches, and serve with a better attitude.  I know God has not given me anything more than I can handle. And when I am having chest pains I will remind myself it is time to get my eyes of what I am doing and refocus on the Great Physician.

Now...Daughter-in-law #3 had surgery on this Friday past.  She had a subtotal colectomy.  She has been in a lot of pain and very ill.  Today she is 'better' than yesterday, but still not feeling the best.  She will be in the hospital for at least another day.  

Hubby and I had no sooner left the hospital Friday and were heading home when we got a phone call from Son #2.   Daughter-in-law #2 was going BACK to the hospital {for the second time that week} for preterm labor.  The doctor said they would take the baby that evening by C-section.  Well, they didn't.  Instead they filled her tiny body with more meds to stop--rather slow down --the labor.

Her doctor will see her again on Friday and decide what to do.  But she is now 36 weeks, so maybe this will be the weekend for a new grand baby!

Well, I missed posting and yes...this was a selfish time that could have been used doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, organizing bedrooms...but this was way more fun!  (and nobody was neglected!)



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