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Thankful Day 18

I am thankful that I have the freedom to home educate my children.  Home education seems to have become popular in the last several years.  But it has not always been that way.  {But that is a topic for another day.}

I must say that when someone first suggested that I think about home education I said, "There is no way that I could do that."  I did not think I was "smart" enough and I had not really had heard  much about schooling at home.  We sent our two oldest to a K-5 program at a local Christian school.  It was for about 3 hours a day, they studied the three "R's", and was only about $100 a month for both. 

Then the Lord began to convict me.  I was willing to let Him to determine the size of my family, we had five children at the time, but I wasn't trusting Him fully in every area of my life.  I went back to my friend and talked more about schooling at home.  She was the greatest resource and my biggest cheerleader, next to my hubby and parents.  I had enough money to purchase a phonics program, "Play-N-Talk", and I used my brain to fill in the rest!  When the children followed their dad over to the Christian school a couple of years later, they were at least one semester ahead of the other students in their class.   

Guess what?  I was, and still am, smart enough to home educate!!!!!!  I have learned a so much myself by teaching.  I was taught to read by sight.  So as I taught phonics, I learned phonics.  I never understood fractions and decimals, but after teaching it again and again, the mud is washing away and it makes sense!

I am thankful that I can home educated my children.   


  1. What a blessing! You are right that home schooling is gaining traction it did not always have. My mom was one of the 'pioneers' when she was teaching my siblings and I 28 years ago, and the whole family caught a lot of flack for it. I do not take for granted that we have it so good now, with resources so readily available. :) It is no longer a shocking thing to meet a family and learn that they homeschool.


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