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Stampin' Fun!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to make homemade cards.  I love to stamp, cut, glue, color, blend...uh, no this is not preschool!  You *might* say it is a passion!  My favorite company is Stampin' Up!  I have two workshops a year, one early winter, and one mid-summer.  That might be due to the hostess benefits!  Everything is better when you can earn it free!

Okay...Tuesday, January 24, was the first day of Sale-A-Bration.  (you can go here to learn more about both SU! and SAB!)  Yes, I can be selfish; I have it worked out with my wonderful demonstrator (go here to learn more about her) to usually hold the first workshop of SAB and the new big catalog that comes out.  It was an awesome time!   There were fourteen wonderful ladies in my home being creative!  Love it!

There is one technique I love to do, brayering.  I have for some time followed Michelle Zindorf's blog (visit here).  She is willing to travel and hold classes to share what she loves doing.  Michelle will be coming to Indianapolis in March, and because of three very dear friends I GET TO GO!!!!!!!!

My three amigos, for my birthday, purchased a spot for me to take both the beginner and advanced workshop!  Take a peek at the reaction I gave when I was given my birthday card with a poem about my gift.

Reading the card

Half way through I figured out the poem

Trying to bring self under control

That control was totally uncontrolled

Basking in the reality of it

Now, if anyone tells you I was dancing a "Baptist dance", you won't believe them.  As Daughter # 5 said, "Baptist don't dance, they eat!" 


  1. "That control was totally uncontrolled." Lol I love it!


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