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Tea with the Lincoln's

May 21st our family had a chance to go and "enjoy" a spot of tea!  Follow me and hopefully you will enjoy seeing pictures of "Tea with the Lincoln's".

Not everyone was excited to be in the picture, so after two attempts I gave up!
This is only part of the 15 members who were traveling with us!

 First we had to "load our carriage" with our cargo...FAMILY!... and then hit the trail!  We decided to stay off the Interstate and go the state highway instead.  Like all travelers, you need to stop and stretch and take care of, stretching the ol' legs and of course potty break!

We were heading west, but this sign
was facing east...we were only 58 miles FROM home!

Our destination is Springfield, Illinois!  So, what do you do to entertain a "carriage" full of family...count cows!  You divide into two teams, each team counts cows on "their" side of the road.  If you pass a church or cemetary your cows "die" and you start counting all over again.  

We made it!  I took this picture of the family while Hubby was taking care
of the parking lot fee!

Just a little stroll to the Lincoln's home.  We were expected for tea at 1:05 p.m.

  Here we are at the Lincoln's home! 
They were waiting for us!

Yep!  The name plate says it all!

See, the table is set for tea! 
Mrs. Lincoln was expecting us!

We were given a tour of President and Mrs. Lincoln's home.  Those photos will have to wait
for another post.  I am afraid this is too long of a post and will loose your interest.
But, I will leave you with the photos of every one waiting to "use the potty".  The Lincoln's have a three seater!  We were not use to such luxury.  We only have two seats at home, and they are on two different levels! :-)

The "waiting" paid off and we did not leave
the place looking too bad!
(Thank you for modern day plumbing!)


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