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Only six days into the month and it feels like its been forever!  Of course the extreme heat and heat index has not helped!  We have central air, but cannot get our temp to go lower than 82 degrees, that is with the unit set on 70 and fans running!  Here is a quick re-cap of the month::

1st~~Daughter #1, Son-in-law #1 and Grandson meet us at church a few minutes after nine to say goodbye.  It was so sad!  Goodbyes in our home take a few minutes, even if you are going to the grocery.  You know, gotta hug and kiss them all, some need it twice!  Now...when you are going to be gone for a LONG time, goodbyes take even longer!  I heard we had some of the church members in tears as they watched us in the parking lot!  (why does it still hurt to think about it?)

2nd~~Decided to remove 2011/12 school material from "lockers" and get the new ones in!  AHHHH!!!!!  I ended up in tears after about 4 1/2 to 5 hours!  I only did 4 out of 8 lockers!  It is such a big job!  Gotta make sure you have everything book wise!  We reuse about 90 percent of our material, so we have to take out boxes, make an inventory to see what is current to the test and quizzes that are sent for the new year.  Then we have to sit down and figure out what needs to be ordered!  Our material is being updated by the publisher, so this takes time!  A friend came by  to visit as I was getting dinner on the table.  She stayed for several hours and I worked on some cards and gift tags for a little shop where I have a few things.   

3rd~~Son #5 had and ortho appointment.  Hubby takes the credit for taking him.  (Only 3 appointments left! *smile*)  I had to take Hubby to work so I could pick up meat for the family cookout on the fourth!  Daughter-in-law #2 came over with Granddaughter for lunch and helped to make salsa while I made our "Mr. Martin Hamburgers", a special request by Son #2.  (I'll share the recipe sometime!)  After making lunch, preparing for cookout, I decided that I did not make enough of a mess in the kitchen, so I cut up watermelons!  No sooner was that cleaned up, time  to fix supper and get Hubby from work!

4th~~Our teens are practing for camp games, so we headed to the church by 10 so they could practice in this TERRIBLE 100 degree plus heat!  Hubby and I, along with Daughter #7, worked on a booklet for our adult Sunday School class Hubby teaches.  We headed home for lunch and showers and then to Son #3's home for cookout.  We were there a little  before 3 and left about 9:15.  It was so much fun.  We watched a special on the History Channel about our Independence, a treat for us since we don't have "pay TV".  We watched "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson!  I forgot how good it was...(I hid my eyes for some of the movie!)  Then the family all joined in a game with Nerf guns.  Well, Hubby, myself, Granddaughter and both daughter-in-laws sat and watched and listened to the 12 siblings play!  Isn't t funny how the oldest 4 boys alway gang up on the younger set!

5th~~Woke up sick with sinus and respitory junk!  Poor family, I grouched all day, except with sweet Granddaughter. (we watch her on Thursdays).  My sinuses hurt into my eye!
Daughter-in-law #3 came over and had some supper and visited for a while.  It was so hot in the house, we let the family sleep in the downstairs living room. 

6th~~I feel some better today, but with the heat index going to reach 108-110 degrees, I decided to skip going to the grocery store today.  My head hurts some, but the heat will lay me up with a migraine!  That is the last thing I need!  Our four teens head off to chuch camp early Monday morning.  So I need to be able to direct camp packing!  Plus, the teens have youth meeting tonight.  I have a long afternoon and evening ahead.  I did get two grades in and out of lockers today!  Only two more to go!  

I trust your July is off to a wonderful start and you had a terrific Independence Day!     


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