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Giving Thanks...Day Two

I am thankful for a healthy family.  Over the twenty-seven years of parenting, we have seen many childhood illness and survived preterm babies.  Though we have had monitors, oxygen, and life threatening events, we have been blessed with a healthy family.

Today we take Daughter #2 to a specialist in Ohio some testing on her eye.  During a routine eye exam it was discovered she has a "bump" behind the iris of her left eye.  She was referred to another doctor in town for another exam.  Still not being able to determine what it is, we now are making a trip to Ohio for testing.  The doctors feel it is probably nothing to worry about, but we need to know what is going on.

I am confident that no matter the outcome of the test, it will be okay.  God has seen us through many trials and we always come out blessed. 


  1. I have always said that my kids didn't go the doctor, they went to the! I was very blessed with healthy kids, also. We did have issues, my oldest had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which is now adult RA, but I believe it led her into her career as a family practice physician.

    I feel the trials we face make us stronger and we can appreciate the good times so much more.


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