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July 2016 Happenings

We  are just a little less than two weeks from starting school.  There is still so much to get done, but I think I may have the problem worked out to getting some promised pictures posted!

I will save family happenings for another time, but wanted to share some cards!

I think I may have shared this one of Son #7 birthday.
Grandson E recently had a fish that died.  He
was a little upset, so I made him a sympathy card.
I love this jars set!!!!  One of my favorites!

This card was made for a man who is in a nursing home.
This card and the one below were an idea that
I had seen on a blog header.  I knew I did not
have the set, so I went searching through retired
sets to create one that was similar.

This was for a friend at church.
This uses a new set from Stampin' Up! in the new
catalog. The sentiment is a retired hostess set.
 I used it for my card ministry this month.
I thought it was fitting for the season. 
Father's Day Card.  The boots and hat are
a retired set, but one of my favorites.
I did these two cards for some college kids from church.
I actually made two of each.  Two are at serving at camps
and two are working at the college they will be attending this fall.
I have a few pictures on my phone but I still am having trouble getting them to download to the computer.  Only a handful have downloaded and my cards are not on them! :(


  1. I really enjoy being able to go back and view your card designs again (lots of "pretties" to be inspired by).


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