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Psalm 27:14
"Wait on the LORDbe of good courage
and he will strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the LORD." 

Waiting is so hard!  I don't like to wait!  I usually talk my husband into letting me open a my Christmas gift on Christmas Eve AFTER  our children are in bed and  asleep!  Why?  Well, I tell him, "I rather watch the children open their gift's."  Truly, I can't WAITI am sure he knows the truth!  I am worse than the children! :-)  It is also kind of like a chipped nail, I can not wait and leave it alone until I can find a file or clippers to take care of it.  No, I have to pick at it, then it is worse than before and has to be clipped way down.  Then...UNEVEN NAILS!  THE SHAME OF IT!:-)

By the Bible verse on the top of this Blog, you probably can tell what my devotions were on today...WAITING!  It was actually titled "A Necessay but Challenging Lesson".  Ouch!  Thought we were on Christmas Break! 

This old flesh gets tired of dear hubby looking for a job and nothing to show for it.  Time spent on sending resumes, following up on resumes.  The majority of the time with no reply.  BUT...God is in control...He whispers, "Wait."  Now that does not mean we should just sit back and do nothing.  It means that when something does not materialize from what we are doing, we don't give up.  We wait for God's best.  I don't want to simply settle.  I want what God has in store for us...the best.  This goes against the thinking of the world.  Until then we will go on serving God, praying, waiting for Him to open the door.  He is in total control anyway!

Now...Happy Birthday to our dear daughter, who also just happens to be our youngest daughter and child!  She turns 6 today! She was the one I spent the most time on bed rest with.  She was born at 32 weeks!  


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My Mother's Gentle Love

My Mother's Gentle Love
by Ron Hamilton
Who puts a band-aid on my knee?
Who holds me close so tenderly?
Who always sees the best in me?
There’s no one like mother.

Who always wipes my tears away?
Who tells me I’ll be great some day?
Who cares in such a gentle way?
There’s no one like mother.

My mother’s gentle love, my mother’s gentle love
Has taught me of God’s tender care, and turned my eyes above.
I’ll bless her all my days for all her gentle ways.
Oh, how I thank my Lord above for my mother’s gentle love.

Today is my mother's viewing, and tomorrow is her funeral.  The song above so much describes my mom.  She loved her four children so very much!  Before she had children, she was a nurse for "special care" babies~~"old" term for NICU.  Once she started having children she gave up her career to stay at home and raise her own babies. Thanks, Mom!

Thank you, Daddy, for allowing Mom to stay at home and raise us four children!

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