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Happy New Year!

How did you spend the last day/evening of 2010?  Hopefully it was with your loved ones, whether it be family or friend.  Our two oldest living at home spent the evening with friends from church and came home around 7 am.  Husband and I spent the evening with the other 8 children playing board games and watching videos.  I made it through the first video, but when the second video came on, I joined our 6 year old daughter on the floor, turned over and went to sleep.  Husband woke me up at 11:55 to watch the "ball drop" with the children.  

As we were putting them to bed, two of the girls kept saying they did not see the ball drop.  I said, "You're kidding!  You sat on my bed and watched it!"  Daughter #5, (child #11), said, "We didn't see the ball drop."  After I explained it was not a REAL ball, one of the said, "Well, we wouldn't know, we never got to stay up before to see it!"  True, true, true!  We usually spend New Year's Eve either at church or ASLEEP!

I want to share a picture of a card I made this weekend.  Husband asked me to make it for a friend who is ill.  This idea came from my own little, over tasked brain!  I thought it turned out kind of nice and very vintage!  Daughter # 2 did the photo for me!  I think she did a fine job!

Today we had a field trip planned for school.  Our oldest daughter and husband gave us a one year family membership to the Children's Museum for Christmas.  Everyone was excited!  That is until Daughter #2 looked up the hours for today.  Hmmm...CLOSED!  I had already made lesson/test/quiz plans for the week!  I babysit a toddler one to three days a week, but rarely on Monday.  I have spent many years pushing a stroller, changing diapers, finding something to keep baby entertained while older children play.  I finally have a membership and NO STROLLER AND DIAPERS...AND THEY ARE CLOSED!  I was looking forward to actually being able to participate with the children in almost everything...I refuse to crawl in tight spaces! :-)  Oh well, we will spend the day as part of Christmas break and figure out another day to go!

Best to all in the 2011!


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