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When Life Throws You a Curve Ball... you swing, or just stand there?  Either way, I would not come in contact with the ball!

We are finally starting to "thaw" out from the ice and snow we were hit with.  We were blessed, we never did go without power!  Of course as I blog it is 12 degrees out, and the temp will fall to low single digits by morning.  I have been out of my house once, and that was only about 5 steps onto the porch.  (no ice there!)  Our church services and activities for last week were cancelled as well, although the roads and parking lot were ready for this past Sunday.  I stayed home because of the ice in front of our home.  We have only street parking and there was no way I could manage the ice going from the front door to the van.  I have some back problems and even the smallest slip of the foot would probably put me down! 

 I am sort of a home-body anyway, so I have not suffered from cabin fever!  I was able to work on some cards for church family and my parents.  School has gone well and we hooked up some "old" Atari video games to play after classes were done.   We even enjoy several games of Skip-Bo, UNO!, and Phase-10.  Not bad for 9 days in the house with 13 people...24/7! 

Our youngest son, who will be 8 on Friday, decided to make a boat yesterday out of computer paper.  He was really creative with it, using a pencil for a mast, making a sail, and trying to float it in the bathtub.  When it leaned to one side, no problem.  He gets out my stapler, sticky note pad and folds the paper and staples until it is balanced. 

Well, watch out!  The ball coming to home plate makes a curve!  Youngest Son decides he needs more water in the tub, but this time when he turns it on, it starts to leak behind the handle.  Hubby thinks it is probably a seal, no problem...right?  Turn off water and get to the seal and  put a new one on...right?  Well, the unit is almost impossible to get off.  {why are there a zillion pieces for a faucet?} He searches the internet for a manuel to figure it out, has to call the "800" number and finds out that our faucet is discontinued.  He found a piece that was loose and tightens it.  Whew!  So we turn on water line, turn on faucet and fixed,  no leaks!  Youngest Son wants to float his boat, so he turns on the water.  Water spraying!  Of couse the builder did not put shut off valves on the tub, so during this process we are without water a little over 2 hours.

To make a very long story short, a friend came over last evening to help; the hardware store has no parts for it because they can not be replaced.  We end up with a new faucet, which he came over today to put on.  It was problem after problem, and we were without water almost all day and some of the evening!  He finally got it all finished and we have WATER!!! 

I think we forget how lucky we are.  I had a couple of gallons of water set aside, but it was not enough.  I tried to imagine what it would be like if I had to go and draw from a well and tote water to the house.  Funny how not having that small luxury can really throw your game off! 

We truly are blessed!


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