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Winter...Will it Ever End?

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."  Seriously.  An ice storm last night left us with almost a half of an inch of ice.  We have another inch of ice moving in as I blog, with one, maybe two inches of snow to follow that.  The weather team is also forecasting that we will have strong winds that will take out power lines and bring down tree limbs.  At least we are not getting the blizzard conditions that the north part of the state is getting.  We have what we need to weather it out, unless electricity goes out.  Our furnace is gas but with an electric blower!!!  One of our friends brought over an oil lamp and added to our candle collection, "just in case".  If the power does go out, our neighbor has a gas heater in her downstairs living area and we will slip and slide over the sidewalk to stay with them.

I think I have mentioned in one of my blogs, that I tease my scholars about the public school canceling.  If they cancel school because of the weather, and the RARELY DO,  we will have a snow day also!  Well...I am eating those words today and probably will tomorrow also...unless they tell me they are bored!  The storm may rage outside, but inside we are safe, warm and needs are met.

Life in the Chilson house moves on in spite of no job.  Let me "re-phrase" the job part, our job right now is totally trusting God.  I look at my children and see how they trust that there will be food for each meal, milk, and maybe a snack.  They are not thinking, "O boy, I hope Mom can wrestle something up for us to eat."  Nor do I hear at meal time, "Do we have enough food to feed everyone?"  No...I always hear, "Mom, what are we having to eat?"  Now, it may not be what they want, or even like, but they have something.  So, why is it as a child of God, I wonder how He is going to feed us?  He has not forsaken us, and as always HE IS RIGHT ON TIME!  Trust is part of life, but right now it is our job!  

I am so thankful that God has given us seasons.  My post title is "Winter...Will it Ever End?"  The answer is yes, it will end.  Just as soon as we have had our fill, some sooner than others, winter will fade into spring, then spring into summer.  Once we have had enough of the hot,dry days, it will finally give way to autumn and back to the long night of winter.  So it is in our spiritual lives.  Right now I guess maybe we are in the winter of our lives.  The storm rages, and the future seems bleak and uncertain.  But it is a time to "Be still..." and remember who God is. (Psalm 46:10a)


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