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Yep, I am a "Following Junkie".  {sounds so much nicer that a "Blog Stalker"} :-)  I am a keeper of the home, from home, and have been following some blogs that are very supportive of my calling.

One of the blogs I follow is  My mom raised and taught her children the importance of a stay at home mom, but also a keeper of the home.  So naturally I have done the same with my children.  I have thought about starting another blog about my "degree in motherhood", but can't quite think who would ever be interested in reading it, except maybe my hubby! 

Anyway, even if you are not a stay at home type of person, there is still some wonderful things to think about and ponder!


  1. i too enjoy reading raising homemakers, even though i work and we have not started trying for children yet i still aspire to fulfill the role of keeper of the home


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