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A Little Product Review

I do not normally reveiw products.  But sometimes you come across something you absolutely love and just have to share it!  Like Stampin' Up!  Love it, the best!  Sorry, but this review is not about SU!  I'll save that for another time!

This is a negative review!  Can opener!!!!  Ugh!  I think that has to be the MOST frustrating part of meal preparation if opening a can.  My 'best' can opener that came from "the kitchen store that comes to your door", gave up the ghost about 2 months ago.  So I settled for one of the shelf at the big "W" super center.  It cost about $3 and I got about 7 weeks use out of it.  It 'quit' working while opening a can while preparing supper. (go figure)  So a trip to the neighbor's home to open the can. 

I purchased a new opener at the Super "T" store.  My gut told me NOT to buy the "Chef Mate" opener.  It was $2 and since we were between pay checks I thougt it would last a week!  WRONG!  One can!  That's it!  One can!  So dear neighbor let us use her electric opener again!  And then again the next night!!!! 

Last night I went back to the Super "T" store and bought a "Kitchen Aid" for nine dollars.  I really rather have one like the original one I had, but this was a needed item now!  So, I will see just how this $9 can opener last. 


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