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Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve.  There will lots of hustle and bustle today.  The children and their families will be here around one this afternoon.  There is still lots of work to be done in the kitchen.  I'm not too worried.  They can't eat until I get it done!

This will be the first Christmas without my mother.  We had my father over for lunch yesterday.  He seemed to have a good time.  That is until we said how much we missed Mom.
That was it, he was ready to go home.  I know he is suffering.  Though he is almost 83, he was one of her main caregivers along with my sister.  My parents were married for fifty-eight years.

Different people have comforted me during these past few weeks.  My sorrow is great, but I
keep most of it hidden. 

I believe my mother is in heaven.  She accepted Christ as her personal Savior many years ago.  She believed that Jesus, God's ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, came to earth as a babe, being God in the flesh, left the throne of Glory to come to earth to save us from our sins and the penalty of death for those sins.  Without the Babe, who grew into a Man,and gave Himself up to the death of the cross, she would not be in heaven today.  You see, Christmas and Easter cannot be separated from each other.  They go hand and hand.  It took both events to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.

My mother is enjoying heaven this Christmas Eve, which is an earthly day for us.  Tomorrow will be Christmas, and for us left here, she is celebrating "her Christmas" in heaven.  Her eternal life began November 27, 2011, but it will have no end. I do not believe the days in heaven are marked, there is no beginning or ending of a day in heaven. 

My mother is not with me, but I have so many wonderful memories.  I am so thankful for the comfort of the Holy Spirit, that even in my sorrow He brings me comfort.  Especially during the "firsts" for our family.  He has given me a peace that passes all understanding, that can not come in a human form.

So, the tears I shed today and tomorrow are selfish tears of wanting my mother here.  But I take comfort this Christmas that she is in heaven,fully understanding the meaning of what we are celebrating today and tomorrow.


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