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Looking Toward a New Year

Where has 2011 gone?  I am sure you have asked the same question.  Well, I am sure it is "gone" just like every year--quickly.  I remember as a child that a year lasted FOREVER! Or so it seemed.  As I got older it seemed to go by quicker.  Now at 47, staring 48 in the face, all I need to do is write the family birthdays on the calendar and WHAM!, we are into the New Year.

So, do you have New Year's resolutions?  Better yet, do you keep your resolutions?  I use to make resolutions just to fall from it within a month, a week, or even a day.  No New Year's resolutions for me.  I know that I will fall short of them.  

Our associate pastor was telling us in church Wednesday evening, he does not make New Year's resolutions.  He wants to do what the Lord would have him to do every day.  The more I thought on that the more I thought, "Isn't that what we should be doing."  What makes a new year so special that we have to wait until January 1 to do something that maybe we should have been doing all along. 

Of course I want to do better in 2012 than what I have done this year.  Not only in losing weight, by the way, it keeps finding me!  (Gotta find a better hiding place for it.)  I want to be more organized, show more hospitality, and the list goes on.  But my priority is to do what God would have me to do.  I want to live a life that is pleasing to Him.  I want to do better in sharing the gospel of His Son, telling others that they too can have a home in heaven.  I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who will guide me and teach me the truths of God.  

I look back on 2011 and wonder if my Lord has been pleased with me.  If I had to answer for Him I would have to say no.  My faith has wavered, there were times of unbelief, I was short and unkind not only to my family but to friends.  I have murmured, complained and was a very poor testimony.  But I am thankful to God that I am forgiven and He loves me.  I will strive to be what God wants me to be, not because it is a new year, but because it is the right thing to do.


  1. I love this, my dear. You are an inspiration!


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