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Life has been busy the last couple of weeks.  We have completed two weeks of school.  I love the structure of school because our day has a routine.  But, I sure do enjoy Saturdays and a long weekend! 

Daughter #1 and Grandson came home on Friday for a "four day".  They will fly out to return to Fort Bragg, NC.  So we will start the count down to her final days of her coming home for good--ninety-four days!  That is so far away...but she will try to be home for Thanksgiving.

I have no pictures yet of our weekend as a family.  Daughter #2, our photographer, has not yet uploaded/downloaded {whatever the lingo} the pictures she has taken.

I started getting sick late Thursday of last week.  I felt horrible on Friday, left sinus and teeth hurt so bad.  I felt even worse on Saturday, right sinus and teeth!  I still had to go to the grocery!  By the afternoon I felt like I was finished.  But I kept going, until yesterday.  I finally had to call it quits and stay home from church.  I am on the upswing of things and life should return to normal tomorrow.

Hubby has been a great help this weekend, but Momma can never be replaced.  Which is one of the reasons I love being the Momma!  Doesn't matter how old they are, 27 or 7, they still need Momma!


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My Mother's Gentle Love

My Mother's Gentle Love
by Ron Hamilton
Who puts a band-aid on my knee?
Who holds me close so tenderly?
Who always sees the best in me?
There’s no one like mother.

Who always wipes my tears away?
Who tells me I’ll be great some day?
Who cares in such a gentle way?
There’s no one like mother.

My mother’s gentle love, my mother’s gentle love
Has taught me of God’s tender care, and turned my eyes above.
I’ll bless her all my days for all her gentle ways.
Oh, how I thank my Lord above for my mother’s gentle love.

Today is my mother's viewing, and tomorrow is her funeral.  The song above so much describes my mom.  She loved her four children so very much!  Before she had children, she was a nurse for "special care" babies~~"old" term for NICU.  Once she started having children she gave up her career to stay at home and raise her own babies. Thanks, Mom!

Thank you, Daddy, for allowing Mom to stay at home and raise us four children!

Graduation 2017 Post

Finally, here are pictures from Son #6 and Daughter #5's graduation.  I finally figured out what I was doing wrong downloading pictures!!

They Said "I Do" and Here We Grow Again!!

"I do!"  Lovely words.  Son #4 and Bride were married on the 31st of March.  After weeks of planning they are finally married and home from their honeymoon!  (pictures to follow soon)   We are pleased to have a new daughter in the family!

Speaking of new...yes, a new babe is growing...Daughter #1 and Son-in-love #1 are expecting their second child in the fall!  Grandson E told us!  At first we just looked at him, dead silence in the room, and looked at his momma...and she was smiling!  YAY!  Our "grand" total will be 11 come fall!!!!!!

Soon we will meet Granddaughter E...!  Eight weeks until her due date...but will probably meet her in the next few weeks!  Everyday in the womb is a day of victory!

That's all for now!  I have had to update this about 3 times!  It has been in my "save" for several weeks!  As soon as I get a few minutes of free time I will be back!