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Happy Sixteen!!!

Today marks a milestone in Son #5's life...he turns sixteen!!!!  It is so hard to believe that he is "that old"!  What makes it even harder to believe is that he is taller than I am!  I keep telling him it is because his hair is too thick on top of his head!  Truth be known, he is taller than me.  That's okay, he will still always be my "baby boy". *smile* 

Happy 16th Birthday Son!
Daddy and I love you!


  1. I think it is such a turning point for boys when they outgrow their mom. I know when my son finally reached my height (6'), he was about 13. But when we stretched out our arms, my hands only reached his wrists! I knew he was going to be a whole lot taller when he finished growing! He is now almost 26 and I think he is finished growing at just shy of 6'6"! And, yes, he is still my "baby boy" and always will be!!

  2. How funny!!! Son and I were stretching out our arms, I tried to make him think mine were longer! It did not work! Gotta love 'em!


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