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Bridal Walk

I recently had the honor of speaking at a bridal shower at our church.  Our Pastor's wife usually has the honor, but she is taking care of her elderly mother and could not attend.  I thought I would share with my devotional with you. 

The Bridal Walk

             Almost every girl dreams of the day when she is walked down the aisle to be united with the man of her dreams.  All the planning and preparations are finished.  The long awaited walk is a dream come true, ready to take that first step into a new life.
            Many years ago, the first bridal walk took place in a beautiful garden.  It was a walk like no other.  The bride was Eve.  She had no need of planning; the Professional Planner had everything arranged.  Her groom, Adam, had a nice, deep rest before he was to lay eyes on his bride.  God brought Eve to Adam, the very first bridal march.  What a beautiful picture that would have been, Eve, walking with God, her Creator!
            We know from the account of creation, God Himself put both Adam and Eve in the garden and they walked with God.  He even gave specific instructions in the keeping of the garden.   I imagine that Adam and Eve had many walks together and together with God.  I can’t begin to imagine what their walks were like, or what they even talked about. 
            We also know what happened when Eve’s walk did not follow the walk of God.  She was deceived and Adam followed her into the same deception.  Scripture does not tell us just how long into their “honeymoon” it was until Eve was deceived.  But we know the “honeymoon” was over.  Their walk was away from the life that God had planned for them.  I wonder what went through Adam’s mind after he ate the fruit.  What was Eve thinking? 
            Genesis 3:8 tells how they heard the voice of God walking in the garden, and He called for Adam.  Because of disobedience their lives would change forever.  Eve had to begin a new walk with her husband and it was one out of the garden.  No more walking in the beautiful garden, but now walking in a world unknown to them.  It was a walk that Adam and Eve would have to learn together.
            April, your bridal walk is not that far away.  You too will be brought to your groom.  You and John will begin a new walk together.
            You have grown up in the home with godly parents, who have prayed for you and your future.  They have watched you grow and taken your first of many walks.  Now they will watch you as you take the walk of a new bride. 
            Keep the most important walk in your life, your walk with God, first.  Make Him the priority of your day.
            The next walk is your walk as John’s wife.  He is God’s perfect gift for you. You both serve a God who can be trusted.  He is the One who can take two people, who by themselves are not complete, and make them complete and what He created them to be.
            There will be times when you do not see eye to eye.  They may on small issues; they may be on large issues.  The important thing is that you are walking beside the man God gave to you, following the Lord in all you do.
            The last walk is your walk with others.  Be careful of the company you keep.  I have seen many young couples leave church and serving the Lord because of the company they have kept.   
            I know you have been faithful in serving in your home church and while you were away at college.  I know your heart is to be faithful serving  here at church once you are married.  But like Eve, it is so easy to be deceived and turn from the walk.  It might be a church service here or there, but soon the walk will lead you from what God has for you and John.
            Sometimes we forget is that our walk is being watched.  I’m not talking about someone keeping “tabs” on us whether or not we are in church.  I am talking about the younger girls who are watching the example that is set before them.   
            Remember, a walk always begins with the first step.


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