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December Birthday

Today we are celebrating Daughter #7's 10th birthday!  WOW!  How is it possible that all my children are now in the double digits?  Our tiny preemie is turning into a beautiful young lady.  She is a corker.  She comes up with some pretty witty sayings that have us laughing and repeating them at random!

Store bought icing is NOT a good icing for writing,
but was a yummy addition to a cookie cake!

D#7 has loved elephants for as long as I can remember.  So when I made
this card at a card club in the spring I knew I had to save it for her birthday!
The only downside was she was not allowed to go through my card box to look at
my cards.  So she "bugged" me quite often about her card in the box!  It became
a fun little game!
She finally got an Aristocat watch that she has
been dreaming over since early summer!
A dear friend bought and American Girl riding outfit
for her Jubilee doll.  (D#7 saved her money for a couple years
to purchase an American Girl doll.  But when looking through
a Vision Forum Catalog she fell in love with Jubilee!)



  1. My how your family has grown!!!! I think of all of you often and hope for a day we will see each other again! ~Monica aka Mo

    1. Oh my goodness! You found us! How did you do that? I'm so happy you did!!!! I think of you often, also! I can only imagine how big your family is now. We are still at the same address! You will have to drop me a line. (Hubby and I are not on FB, only those who are18 and graduated.) Have a blessed New Year!


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